Sunday, June 03, 2007


So, aside from having me call her Clifford for the most part of Every Day, and walking and panting and barking like a dog continuously, Brooke has decided to get into markers bigtime.

So when I see her proudly showing off her green arms and rubbing marker on a new dress, and getting marker in the carpet, do I momentarily applaud her and then send her to wash her hands?

Do I take a picture and make her think its all totally acceptable and then TRY to convey that its not something we generally do?

Do I just laugh and let her run around all day and leave beautiful green handprints wherever she roams?

Do I just send her to the bathroom immediately without any comment but that she is in trouble and needs to immediately wash her hands followed by a time out?

AHHHHHHH..... the wonderful decisions of Motherhood. Could my reaction elicit very colorful wood furniture and walls in the future, depending on my reaction?

Well, in the end I just decided to chalk it up to a Kodak Moment and then promptly sent her to the bathroom to wash everything off. Her dress has been soaking 7 hours and counting – but hey, it’s the small moments that count, right?

I am SURE I would have LOVED to color my entire arm and have my mom RAVE over it when I was 4 – so there you go! That’s what is all about - those small moments!


Darcie said...

oh my! Is this what I have to look forward to? She looks very cute in green :).

Cami said...

Nice job. Is she trying to be Elpheba? Looks like she had fun!