Tuesday, June 26, 2007


I have an acute case of Blog Laziness

My Symptoms: the inability to download copious amounts of pictures from different outings and vacations, the lack of motivation to think of interesting things to post, the overwhelming desire to only be at the computer for 3 minutes and then do something outside, the irresponsible lack of visitations to other blogs, and the lack of commitment to blog consistently.

Px: I am prescribing a bi weekly downloading of digital pictures so there is no excuse not to post pictures on the blog, a handful of time, a kick in the bum daily to reaquaint myself with my friends blogs, a commitment to not continue in my rut of looking up the same three websites I am stuck on right now, and two tablets of motivation to capture those precious moments that come once only.

Recooperation: Expect some minor relapses during times of nice weather, but illness should generally phase out with this blog post that took a lot of mental energy and some inner resistance…since I am on vacation.

Message to Friends and Family: this blog will be fully functional now. Check back frequently for updates and LEAVE COMMENTS! In our carefully documented and well thought out analysis, there seems to be a direct connection between comments received and blog postings. Please express you comments by clicking on "Comments" and typing in your musings while viewing.


Cami said...

I ALWAYS leave comments. Well, sometimes. Anywho, I've got you set up on my bloglines, so I always know when you post. Glad you're setting some goals!!

Darcie said...

Bonnie, this made me laugh. Thanks, I always enjoy a good laugh! And for the record, I had taken note of your blog laziness--22 days without a new post?! Shame on you! I'll do my part to help by being a faithful comment poster :).