Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Seeing my Roommate after 9 YEARS!!!

Mary Meyers Marble was my room roommate during my junior year at BYU in 97-98. I was the roommate who observed the budding romance transpire between her and her husband Ben, who us roommates approved of. She was married before the year was over (in March)– and she was a GREAT roommate.

Mary has been in the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and I always saw her at General Conference. The Motab FINALLY came to Chicago after like 12 years or something and we got really lucky and got the $95 seats after purchasing the don’t-even-think-about-watching-you-can-only-listen lawn seats for $10. So we ended up sitting just 10 rows back. I recognized and knew quite a few people that I had worked with or been friends with at BYU...but I wasn't sure if I saw Mary. After the concert was over I ran over and I asked the first violinist if she could find Mary for me. Finally I found her and we had a very LOVELY chat! MARY, IT WAS SO FUN TO SEE YOU! She said right after she gets back from tour, they are moving that day to Colorado so Ben can start his Practice. So this was Mary’s last time singing with the choir. MO TAB just won’t be the same without you! I am putting a disclaimer on my picture because 5 hours of humidity and a bumpy school bus ride does absolutely NOTHING for your hair OR apprearance, I found out. But here are some nice 1997 BYU roommate pics and a current 2007 pic of Mary and I. Also, here is Brian and I hanging out afterwards. FUN!

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Darcie said...

so fun to see our picture on your blog! How great that you got to see Mary. Like I emailed you back in April, I saw her on TV too. That's so great! Thanks for a walk down memory lane.