Tuesday, June 26, 2007


I have an acute case of Blog Laziness

My Symptoms: the inability to download copious amounts of pictures from different outings and vacations, the lack of motivation to think of interesting things to post, the overwhelming desire to only be at the computer for 3 minutes and then do something outside, the irresponsible lack of visitations to other blogs, and the lack of commitment to blog consistently.

Px: I am prescribing a bi weekly downloading of digital pictures so there is no excuse not to post pictures on the blog, a handful of time, a kick in the bum daily to reaquaint myself with my friends blogs, a commitment to not continue in my rut of looking up the same three websites I am stuck on right now, and two tablets of motivation to capture those precious moments that come once only.

Recooperation: Expect some minor relapses during times of nice weather, but illness should generally phase out with this blog post that took a lot of mental energy and some inner resistance…since I am on vacation.

Message to Friends and Family: this blog will be fully functional now. Check back frequently for updates and LEAVE COMMENTS! In our carefully documented and well thought out analysis, there seems to be a direct connection between comments received and blog postings. Please express you comments by clicking on "Comments" and typing in your musings while viewing.

Monday, June 04, 2007

How do we survive the winter???

I have to say, I have loved not having ANY TV shows on that I sometimes feel obligated to watch. I am not watching ANYTHING after May Sweeps for the rest of the Summer. And what a treat. I wish I would do this all year round (although I have to say, The Office, Heroes, Lost, among others, does help take away the Winter Blues.)

So what are the plans for the Summer?

This week we are going STRAWBERRY picking in MICHIGAN CITY (.75 cents a lb), and to the Beach There. It is one of my FAVORITE places to go. During the 4th of July Weekend, my parents will drive up and we will go to the beach with them (off Lake Michigan) and then go BLUEBERRY picking ($1.10 a pound). Brian and I started an annual Anniversary Tradition in July to go to Michigan City and AGAIN pick blueberries, kiss in the blueberry fields now and then in between picking, go to the TONS of outlet stores nearby (including Harry and Davids) , the Beach, and then Red Lobster. Then we top it off with a fun movie. I am REALLY looking forward to it.

Brian and I love to go Frisbee Golfing. There is a GREAT course around here with special Frisbee Golf Disks. The kids love it because they can just hang out in the stroller. For all 18 holes (VERY spaced) it takes us about 2 hours – with a TON of walking. Believe it or not there are “putting” Frisbee, as well as “Medium Range” and “Far Range” Frisbees. There are special bags to hold all of your Frisbees. They guys that a REALLY good that we see are amazing – they can do a 240 ft hole it one – with their Frisbee!

Brian and I going to be in the Nauvoo Pageant this year. This is the Pageant’s third year in exisitence with the cancellation essentially of the City of Joseph Pageant, which I REALLY REALLY REALLY miss! This new one is definitely more organized. They have BYU services do all the food, even though BYU Nauvoo is no longer around down there. Its live singing too, which is exciting. They also provide you with the costumes after you send them an extensive measurement list for each member going. Measuring Tyler – all 32 places, was a challenge!! In the City of Joseph we had to make our own costumes – so it is a relief not to have to worry about that.

We have lots of family coming in – Brian’s Sister Beth – and their family, Brian’s Brother Mike and their family – all in July.

As per Cami Turpin’s blog – our book club is doing a “Harry Potter” excursion immediately when the book comes out. We leave actually that Sunday and stay until Wednesday at a Time Share in Galine. Thanks Cami for the excellent idea. We are excited!

We also plan to do lots of barbeque’s with a new grill we got, and the patio we are trying to put in….one stone at a time….SIGH! (by the way that black drainage pipe will NOT be permanent addition to the patio!)

The kids will be in Swim Lessons and Brooke will also go to “Camp Fantastic.”


Sunday, June 03, 2007


So, aside from having me call her Clifford for the most part of Every Day, and walking and panting and barking like a dog continuously, Brooke has decided to get into markers bigtime.

So when I see her proudly showing off her green arms and rubbing marker on a new dress, and getting marker in the carpet, do I momentarily applaud her and then send her to wash her hands?

Do I take a picture and make her think its all totally acceptable and then TRY to convey that its not something we generally do?

Do I just laugh and let her run around all day and leave beautiful green handprints wherever she roams?

Do I just send her to the bathroom immediately without any comment but that she is in trouble and needs to immediately wash her hands followed by a time out?

AHHHHHHH..... the wonderful decisions of Motherhood. Could my reaction elicit very colorful wood furniture and walls in the future, depending on my reaction?

Well, in the end I just decided to chalk it up to a Kodak Moment and then promptly sent her to the bathroom to wash everything off. Her dress has been soaking 7 hours and counting – but hey, it’s the small moments that count, right?

I am SURE I would have LOVED to color my entire arm and have my mom RAVE over it when I was 4 – so there you go! That’s what is all about - those small moments!