Monday, January 26, 2009

I'm the Cussedest Woman I Know

In honor of the book I just read for book club, that I LOVED ("These is My Words" )I had to start out by saying my new favorite quote, because I feel like I am the only parent in Brooke's kindergarten class that doesn't regularly come, as she informs me a couple of times each week.

So I am feeling the guilt everytime she looks at me with those sad eyes and asks "All the other moms come to my kindergarten class, why don't you come?

In my mind I have had good reasons, but really it comes down to I just have to make time for it.

Now that I am released as Primary President (as of this week) I really do feel like I have a little more time to do stuff like that.

And now that Brian's bowling season is over - cut short at the very end with an AMAZING AWESOME 13-1 season, just to come up short for sectionals and not make it to state - Brian will be home sooner than 8:00 each night and ALL DAY every Saturday.

(Although I DID have to peel him off the couch Saturday from his post sucky sectionals blues, as he was in his depths of despair depression, coupled with the fact that we were stuck watching TWELVE kids for our babysitting co-op and watching some horribly happy "How to Be a Ballerina" show. He showed restraint but let out his frustration while burying his head in a pillow and hitting it now and again.)

So, being the CUSSEDEST (isn't that the BEST word?) woman I know, I will have to make a more valiant effort to be present at the IN place to be - Brooke's kindergarten class!

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