Friday, January 02, 2009

Welcome 2009!

Well, it has been an interesting year. We had a great Christmas.

Brian and I did our "12 days of Christmas" for each other again. We just gave each other random stocking stuffer type of things. Brian got me the CD of Twilight which I LOVE. I got him the "Perfect Push-Up" things. I love them. Brian thinks we need to revamp the format for next year and have the items in a stocking and the other person can pick which one. Whereas now we just give each other whatever we want anytime during the day.

We went to our annual "Do it Yourself Messiah" at the Civic Opera House in Chicago. Its a volunteer orchestra and paid conductor, concertmaster, and soloists. It is so fun. Everyone sits in sections when they come in - Sop, Alto, Tenor, and Bass. I sat in the Sop/alto section and just happened to be in an area with no other sops which made things more challenging. We went with my sister Tami and her husband Kevin.

We are vacationing here at my parents house where somehow everyone in the family is suddenly sick. Its the worst to be SICK during vacation. After taking IBProfen I have been taking advantage of watching the "Wasted Spaces" marathon on DIY Network while Brian has been reading "New Moon." He was not looking forward, in his words, of reading about how much Bella misses Edward so when he saw those BLANK PAGES he was relieved.

We did our annual gingerbread houses last night with my parents, my brother Brent, and our kids. At Brooke's request we made a HORSE STABLE out of graham crackers and candy. At Tyler's request, Brian and he made a train and tracks out of graham crackers and candy. My dad got ambitious and did the Saint Louis Arch with wire, foil, graham crackers and candy.

We all as a family decided NOT to go bowling here in the small-town bowling alley, which Brian claims is the worst lanes he has ever seen. There was also bottles and cans of beer in every nook, cranny and counterspace, and a fresh crew of motorcycle Harley Davidson Posse looking to shake things up. So as much as we loved that atmosphere, we decided to leave and went to the theatre and saw Valkerie. Very interesting story.

Welcome in 2009!

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Lehikoinens said...

I love my Twilight CD also. I threatened Aaron with my womanly powers if I didn't get it for Christmas. He thinks I am completely obsessed. I carry the CD in my purse... because we switch cars so much. And I want to expose people to it when I ride in their cars. Its a great CD though, who wouldn't love it!