Tuesday, September 08, 2009


Did anyone watch that AWESOME game on Saturday night - BYU against Oklahoma?!?!?

Can I just say two words - NAILBITER and WOW.

I was in Cougar Heaven - well afterwards - and I was so "On pins and needles" DURING that I really literally almost couldn't take it.

So I was HOPING that we would get ranked 13 because not many teams below us - our ranking of 20 - lost. I checked the BCS ranking like....well, like a boy...checking Sunday night, Monday several times, early this morning, and finally at noon and I saw the BEAUTIFUL ranking of

(said with reverence) NINE!! (Brian is telling me me how turned on he is by me wanting to listen to the highlights and commentary as much as him - Yeah, TMI)

Yes - in the top 10. Since I am SO rusty with my sports rooting (BYU is the only team I get excited about...although while the Bulls were good back in the day, I rooted for them since I am from Chicago) my husband reminded me that we need to root for Oklahoma from here on out to make our win against them (number three ranked preseason) really MEANS something.

So the season is new, and I am SO jealous of people with SEASON TICKETS - MAn I miss those days!!! I will have to settle for watching on the laptop!

Anyone else getting Revved up for the season???????


Trent and Karen said...

Yes, we were also watching the game that night--I had to keep making sure Trent wasn't yelling too loud or cheering too loud, as I was trying to get the baby to sleep. He was busy texting a bunch of family members right after they won--Curtis (and his wife) still live in Provo, and they said Provo kind of turned into a major party all over town Saturday night--with hundreds of people showing up at the stadium and just screaming and yelling--and random groups standing on corners yelling. Pretty crazy stuff!! We thought it was a completely stunning win, and we were in a very good mood (especially Trent) the next couple of days!!

Lehikoinens said...

Oh ya BABY!!! AMAZING!!! I think we watched every commentary on ESPN that even MENTIONED BYU for 3 days! I love this time of year and college football. I hate the NFL, but college football, theres somthing magical about it! Aaron keeps trying to figure out how he can attend a BYU game this season, but financially, and being that I'm due right before Thanksgiving, its just not going to happen. But we WILL find a way to watch EVERY game! How could you not?
... ah... to have an all-sport pass...

Kasia said...

You know the "Buds" are with you on this one!!! Check out our blog because we were actually at the game!!! MY OH MY was it awesome ;D Brett and I just tried to have the same BYU spirit that Chris Wayne always portrayed at the games. We recalled the time it was raining and he was sliding on the bleachers ;D Goooo Cougars!!!