Thursday, September 17, 2009

It only took 9 years, but we FINALLY....

It only took 9 years, but we FINALLY....

GOT CABLE!! Well, U verse to be precise.

What crossed us over that dark line, you ask? Well, our TV converters (for analogue TVs) were no good in our new house and location unless we got a HUGE antennae. How did we know we needed a HUGE antennae for this? There is actually an antennae information website you go to that will tell you based on how far you live from a tower. We, my friends, are quite far it turns out.

The other thing? Based on my below post this should not surprise you, but I am SO excited about the BYU football team...that yes, it carried me over. Yes,watching ONLINE was plan B...but we got a FAB DEAL...we will get a DVR for FREE, and our whole entire phone + internet + cable bill will only be 14 dollars more than it is now which INCLUDES a DVR and INCLUDES all the ESPN (and other ones I think I will care about) channels. After 6 months, I told Brian it will go up $14 and we might have to be prepared to lower our channel status, or cancel, but at LEAST we will have 6 months. (I know, I feel SOOO cheap admitting that, but HEY...that is who we have to be right now!)

I am convinced we are the only people currently in our entire SUBDIVISION (fairly good sized) that does not have ANY SINGLE SOLITAIRY FORM of TV. Not channels, NADA, ZIP. We only watch movies...occasionally.

As I broke the news to Brian, I could literally FEEL him smiling on the other side of the phone, from EAR to EAR. He told me that was the last thing he expected me to say in a MILLION years when I said, "I have news." The only other thing he said that would have suprised him more..or as if I said, " I am making cookies." If you know me relatively well, you would understand that. If you are still left wondering, go to my fitness blog "".

ANYWAY, I feel like I am about to entire a whole new world...although I am lamenting a little teensy tiny bit that the house will be less "peaceful." At least I don't have to watch the dancing shows online with all their pixalated and fragmented frustrations!


Katrina said...

That is an INCREDIBLE deal! We are paying $40 per month for the basic service. We are not given a choice...we pay for it through our rent. We JUST decided that we HAD to have DVR (we have never had this before) and are paying $10 more dollars each 3 months it goes up to $20 extra each month (thinkin' we are going to have to cancel then) but honestly how can you cancel after LOVING that I can record shows and pause them and fast forward the commercials!! It's totally a trick because you are going to LOVE it and not be able to give it back...for real DVR is great!

Cami said...

Congrats. We used to do without cable until Jake started having sports withdrawals, and then we got all addicted. Now we can't live without. Sad.

Funny about the "cookies" thing. I don't EAT them per se, but I still MAKE them all the time. I'm not sure anything I would say would surprise Jake, except maybe, "I think I want to play a football game on the XBox for a while tonight . . ."

Tami H. said...

Not sure how I feel about this. I guess us and the Moncadas are the only ones left (it was us and the moncadas that always showed up to the church for christmas devotionals). I hear that once you go cable its VERY HARD to go back. So maybe you should cancel after 6 month just to make sure you are still the ones in CHARGE:)
p.s. we will now come to your house to watch all the football games:)

Brad and Carrie said...

I love your Blog, Bonnie! I'm so excited for you & Brian to get Satellite and DVR. As you know, that blessed little invention has opened up a whole world of excitement for me and Brad. Even though you'll have all the sports channels now, you guys are always welcome to come over to watch BYU! Even if BYU stinks it up, at least I'll enjoy the entertainment of Brooke and her hilarious spot-on imitations of various animal noises.