Wednesday, February 07, 2007

So Last night I hosted book club - this was our book. I enjoyed the stories all in all. A nice little read. I had to ignore some of his political references - aka liberal views. But generally I was impressed by the message. It was snowy last night - I think we got like 6 inches - and they hadn't plowed yet - so needless to say the turnout was lower than last month - by more than half. But for those who stayed - they stayed til 11:20 pm!!! We had GREAT food - my friend Nicole is a student at the French Pastry School in Downtown Chicago - and she brought this awesome cake fresh from class!!!! It was like a giant Petite Four - very thin cakes - glazes, cremes - delictable. She also brought ganache candies with filling that she had made. THANKS NICOLE!!!! I look forward to getting the scoop each week on what she is learning about. I am living vicariously through her - although you can take the courses a la carte so to speak. They are just very expensive. Someday I will do the chocolate course - its for 1 week and cost $800. I am going to do it with a couple people in the ward. If you want to join me - let me know - we will plan it! I will never the regret the money spent on that!!!!

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Cami said...

Awesome! I love book clubs. I'm in 3, but only one that is actually a group that meets. Nice job with the pastries. My sister moved here a couple years ago and lived with us while she was in pastry school, so I know what you're talking about. Good stuff.