Wednesday, August 29, 2007


According to My Husband and I having two love affairs. One with Mitt Romney (because I google news about him at least a couple of times a day, go to the Five brother Blog, and look at the poll numbers everyday. I know, I’m a freak!)

The other thing is IKEA I have it on the brain.

Its so family oriented and it is SO cheap – and has some really cool stuff. (for instance, a 4 pack of those sticky hooks you put on the wall – normally like 2.99 at most stores – is 19 cents – for FOUR! Things like this literally make me DROOL! Yeah, so since I love EVERYTHING there (well, almost) and I fantasize about how to encorporate this and that in the house – I REALLY need to break off ties cold turkey – at least for awhile. I sound like a fickle lover!


Darcie said...

there ain't nothin' like some warm sweet IKEA lovin'!!

Cami said...

I could make that chair in 2.2 minutes! I have put together more Ikea furniture than I can count. I quite love it there. In fact, there was a time when we pretty much had to put Ikea into our budget because we went there so much. Right now, I think I would be hard pressed to find a corner in my house that would fit another piece of furniture . . .