Saturday, August 18, 2007

Nauvoo Pageant: Uncut

This is the cute family that we did the Pioneer Pastimes with.
Our booth was "Children's Games."

Everynight, I did my hair, Brooke's hair, and then my youngest sister's hair - Sarah. Her hair was really fun to do because it was long. They show this DEMO dvd to all the women when you go through costumes - and I was happy I got to do one of the fun ones they showed with coil curls.

This is the back of Sarah's hair - just to fully appreciate the bun. Also this is the cast meeting we went to every night.

I really LOVED Tyler's costume. I was really sad when we had to turn it in.

It's amazing what humidity can do to a head of hair!

I don't recommend going up the hill the temple is on with a double stroller. It was a KILLER!

Brooke found the cutest friend named Cosette - the loved to play together.

This is the view the Nauvoo Temple overlooks - the river is in the Background. VERY BEAUTIFUL!


The Jones Family said...

WOAH!! the 'humidity' hair, that was scary Bonnie! ;)

...your kids look just like each other, and I think they're a great mix of the both of you!!!

sarah said...

that was fun. but i'm glad it's over. i couldn't take those dresses one more night. or the hairspray