Tuesday, August 14, 2007


August 14, 2007 http://www.usaelectionpolls.com/

"Mitt Romney Closing in on Giuliani in the National Race

Among male Republican voters, Mitt Romney is in a dead heat for 1st place in the national GOP race. Rudy Giuliani gets his advantage with women but Romney can likely close that gap if McCain continues to slip. McCain polls 19% among female voters (just 8% among males).

Romney is the only candidate that will be able to parlay his success from the Ames Straw Poll to the national scene immediately. Huckabee may have exceeded expectations that will catapult him into relevance in Iowa but he is still unknown nationally outside of Iowa (and Arkansas).

Romney has made himself the front runner in Iowa and New Hampshire and boosts from early state wins could make him the favorite in the race."

They are trying to get 38,000 more on Team Mitt for the Grassroots efforts. So far for me, it has been fun - you get a weekly updates of the campaign and how its going, info on the debates, and other. You can also sign up to help with fundraisers and stuff. Its fun to get in on the action. I love it!



Darcie said...

Bonnie--I love how excited you get about these races. What a great citizen you are! Good luck Mitt!

Brett and Kasia Gustaveson said...

We joined with Team Mitt too. It is very exciting. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that things continue to go well. We'll do what it takes to get him elected!