Monday, June 09, 2008


Now comes the fun part about having a baby – losing the weight...and the mummy tummy (diastisis)!

I gave myself 1 week ½ to eat what I want after the baby was born, and then I made up my mind to be SMART about what I eat.

I continue to do a Soy Shake (Herbalife in my case) for breakfast and as a snack later on in the day.

I do a “SMART” lunch and dinner - lots of veggies, a good protein source.

I omit all sugars – pretty much. That means:

The WICKED five whites:

White flour

White sugar

White rice

White pasta

White bread

I will do small amounts of the “whole grain” version. But I have found that since my mission in CARB WORLD of CHILE I am insulin resistant – which many people by the way are. I survived 1 year ½ on almost pure carbs and definitely LOOKED like it while I was there. I have definitely had to watch what I eat since then, and have found my body does not allow much of the five whites before it starts creeping up on me.

My cheat - I have found I can still lose and eat a nice 70% cocoa small chocolate bar a day. Not bad - and I DO look forward to it!

So – the past 10 days or so – I have lost 6 inches and 3 ½ lbs. That my not sound like much – but I love that the inches are starting to go down.

My waist obviously is the part I need to lose the most – since that’s where the baby was. The Tupler technique helps me a lot with that too. After Tyler I went from a 32 inch waist to a 25 inch waist in 5 months– part of that was good nutrition and part was the Seated Tupler Exercises!

So I just have to maintain the mindset ( 10 sets of 100 Seated Tupler Exercises per day and eating SMART) until I can fit in all my clothes again!


Cami said...

Nice job! I am pretty much on the same plan, but I am not losing quite as fast, but nursing does nothing to help me . . . ANyway, keep it up!

Johanna said...

amigaza. I bought that book, but I don't know what excercises I need, I'ts difficult to me understand everything that the book said because my english It's not enough, so the excercises that i read are for recently pospartum? what do you recommend me to do if my youngest boy has 1 and 5 months? I loose all the extra pounds, but I would like loose a few inches in my waist...thank you!!!

Bonnie and Brian Wayne said...

Amigaza - Julie told me the book is also in Spanish. I will double check. ALL the exercises are for Postpartum (even if its been 30 years since you had a baby!!!!) Do ALL of the exercises - especialmente los que se llama "SEATED TUPLER" y "ELEVATOR" y "HEADLIFT." Eso le va a ayudar con la cintura, junto con buen nutricion. Hay que hacer 10 set de 100 de los "SEATED TUPLER" para obtener los mejores resultos.

Rachel said...

Hi Bonnie, My name is Rachel, I'm in your sister's ward in Brooklyn. She gave me your blog site so I could find the name of the book that helps with diastisis. Thanks for your info, and I'll give Sister Barrows a hug for you! :)