Wednesday, June 04, 2008


Tonite we were taking a walk as a family around the neighborhood. We passed a cute old small lanky man with long white shoulder length hair. He was clearly doing yard work and was standing by his house as we passed him.

Brooke says to us in a booming little voice, “I’VE NEVER SEEN A MAN LIKE THAT BEFORE!!!!”

Brian and I started laughing to ourselves as we continued to walk sheepishly down the sidewalk.

Then she repeated herself since we didn’t DARE reply, andstill DEFINITELY within earshot, “ I’VE NEVER SEEN A MAN LIKE THAT BEFORE!”


Brooke’s Grandpa Barrowes, who happens to be an endodontist, drove 4 hours to visit us here in Chicago. As she sat on his lap they were laughing about something. Then she suddenly looks at Grandpa more closely and says in a scolding yet humored voice,

“GRANDPA, teeth are not supposed to be YELLOW!! Teeth are supposed to be WHITE!!”

Embarrassed Grandpa was at a loss for words, as we all chuckled and the childlike frankness of our darling daughter!

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