Thursday, June 19, 2008


Brooke just lost her first tooth -yeah!
BUT HELP - what to do for the tooth fairy???

Brian and I growing up got like 35 to 50 cents per tooth...and we were happy with that....

But I am wondering should we implement at this time a cool tradition? One of the moms in our ward gives her kids a special silver dollar as part of a collection. Then they have a nice collection of these coins when they are done losing their teeth.

That might be pretty cool.... She can't really tell a penny from a quarter yet as far as receiving money.

PLEASE ADVISE: What other ideas are there? What did you get from the tooth fairy. What you did get - did you like it? Was it a special memory???????? What do you do for your kids?


Cami said...

I went right ahead with 50 cents. I don't want to do anything too fancy, because what if you forget one night and need a quick payout?? Chances are you'll have a couple quarters. Some people I know give dollars. I hope my children don't compare!

Johanna said...

Ohhh! She is so big! well in Chile we don't have a fairy, it's a mouse (pretty gross), and my mouse was really poor, he never gave me money..just a special meal next day... I think that just a coin it's not a good idea, if is a silver or gold corner it's different, but I would like to received somenthing special and meaningful that represent my new stage, a Big Girl!
OH, Gracias por los ejercicios, los empezare a hacer hoy!!! (Busque el libro en espaƱol y no lo encontre, tuve que comprarlo en ingles en Amazon)

Darcie said...

Sorry, i'm no help in the tooth fairy realm, but i just read your comment that you're coming to Ut. Yes, we'd love to see you! July 13 or 14 works well, but really anytime, we don't have any out of town plans until the end of july.

Jen said...

We do a gold dollar for each child. I have a stash in my drawer for such an emergency. My kids love to get the shiny gold dollars - much better than a bill. That was until her friend lost a tooth and got $5 for the first one and a tea set for the second. How do you explain such a discrepancy to your children? But we will continue with the gold dollar!

The Sorenson Family said...

So its been a few days since this post. What did you guys decide to do?

Bonnie and Brian Wayne said...

So we decided to give the kids 55 cents - easy to pay tithing that way. Maybe we will get creative once they get into the losing molars stage...those are more brutal. Maybe THEN well go to the gold dollar phase!

Wendy said... has some really fun, unique gifts. There's a CD called Tooth Fairy Tales that stars the Tooth Fairy in dramatized adventures in which she fights villains like the Cavity Monster and Bad Breath, and saves Planet Enamel. There's also a cute 3-D picture frame, tooth fairy stickers, and tooth holders.
You can also visit the blog that has tooth fairy and dental health games, tooth fairy drawings, poems, videos, and a poll on how much your tooth fairy pays.

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