Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The REST...of the trip


The wedding was awesome. My time at the computer has been very sparse, but here is a quick rundown.

Mark’s Wedding was beautiful. We will post some pics. That was my first time in the SLC sealing room. We had a great luncheon at the JS Memorial Building and the reception was in the backyard.

Brian was called on to give a little speech- he talked about how much Mark would text Allison when they first met over their cell phones. We wanted her to send a pic over, but he was embarrassed to ask because “there was no reason.”

They seem like a very well matched couple. Brian thought about texting them every day during the honeymoon…but luckily I talked him out of it!!!!

Brian and I spent our OWN 8 year anniversary doing what we love so much (said in a fecitious tone) DRIVING. We had woken up at Yellowstone and we rushed over with the kids to the 7:30 AM eruption of Old Faithful. As we ran to Old Faithful I yelled over my shoulder at him 12 feet away (carrying Kyli) “Hey Babe, did you remember it was our anniversary?”

“No! I just remembered right now!” He called back.

I could see the tour bus driver looking at him sympathetically like, “You shouldn’t have admitted that! You are IN for it!”

But because of where we were and the circumstances I simply said, “ME TOO!” And the tour bus driver watching us gave me a double take as if to convey, “Wow, the wife always remembers and usually starts out a conversation like THAT when they want to ensnare their spouse!”

I was sorry to disappoint him!

We spent lots of time at friends and family: We LOVED LOVED LOVED seeing Kelsey and Ryan Sorenson, Darcie Boyack, Karen and Trent Halterman, (meeting all their kids) The Barrowes Clan, the Wright Clan, the entire Wayne Clan, the Jolley Clan (Mark’s new inlaws) and my wonderful Granparents on both sides (see Alzheimer's Ward entry).

The whole Wayne Group consisted of Brian and his 5 other siblings, their spouses, the kids and Brian’s parents in a medium sized ranch style house. We had 25 people in the house, so even with the 6 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms it got to be QUITE crowded. It was both FUN and CHAOTIC.

Some of the siblings stayed up til 1:30 AM each night and chatted and played Guitar Hero. I was so LAME because I had gotten so little sleep the prior nights I just crashed. It was a sacrifice to stay up until 11 or 12 for me. Normally I would have been up their with them chatting – but I just couldn’t do it!

Corin, my sister in law, got all the boy cousins foam swords and they had some crazy sword fights in the small living room.

We all ate together, having gotten the food at Costco and splitting the cost. Most people stood against appliances or walls during mealtimes and ate, while the kids ate at the table.

The bathrooms were constantly occupied. I found I could only get in one without waiting DURING a mealtime.

I have to say, I did take some decorating notes at this place because it had the CUTEST decore!

It was TOTALLY fun even at its craziest. As a kid I would have loved it because all the cousins got to sleep more or less in one big family room with two big sleeper sofas, with kids wedged in between. What a PARTY!

We saw BYU and MAN has it changed since 2004! More buildings, some additions, and just lots of changes. We took a pic of our old Wyview Apt. and it was very déjà vu ish. The entire building we lived in is currently vacant.

On our trip home, which went MUCH faster, we stopped at Independence at the Visitor’s center, Liberty Jail, and Adam Ondi Ahmen (or however your spell it!)

Why is it on the tail end of the trip, all I can think about is everything I have to do waiting for me at home. I started thinking of all the bills I have to pay, all the things that need to be done, hoping my flowers and garden are still alive (Thanks Kami and Tami and Kevin) and I have to remind myself, “JUST ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”


Palomita said...

WOW, are you guys brave! I can't even imagine trying to make a trip like that with an 8-week-old!

Glad that the wedding was wonderful!

I had the same thoughts when we visited BYU in June - I can't believe how much campus has changed in ten years.

Cami said...

Ok, ok, ok. Was it your 8th anniversary?? Everyone I know forgets their 8th--including me! It sounds like you guys had a huge trip. I can't believe you did it all with a babe. Wow!

kelsey said...

We LOVED LOVED LOVED seeing you guys! After you all left I thought of a billion other things that I wanted to catch up on with you! Maybe Ryan and I should take the kids on a road trip...

TamiAbbyKevin said...

Yeah, so I still can't get over how much kylianne changed over those 2 weeks you were gone! And why is your building vacant?

Bonnie and Brian Wayne said...

The kids did suprisingly well while within the car. They watched movies and slept. It was after we were done driving for the day, that they got crazy and tried to use up a day's worth of energy in a couple of hours.
Bonnie also didn't mention the reason she didn't get much sleep on the ride to Utah. We camped in Custer State Park, just south of Mt. Rushmore. By the time we went to bed it was about 35 degrees. We both we frozen solid by the morning, plus Kyli had a cold, so she was sniffling all night. I woke up at 4:30 in the morning and began to pack up the camp because I just couldn't take it any more.