Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The STRANGEST anniversary of them all...

At least for us. It started out innocently enough. We did our usual - go blueberry picking in the morning at Michigan City. We picked a decent 14 lbs of a very sweet variety.

Then things got interesting - we were pulled over by a cop telling Brian he was going 51 in a 35 mph zone. Well apparently it WAS 45 MPH and Brian missed the sign change. We waited in silence as the cop wrote out the ticket in his car. It was only when the cop came BACK to the car with ticket in hand, did Brian try the sob story “ I’m just a high school teacher, I have 3 kids at home. If anything like this goes on my record, I can’t drive the activity bus for the kids I coach.” All of it, is of course, true. So we do HAVE to get it taken off the record. He has to go to court.

So, going to the outlet stores next was a little tainted. Brian and I half heartedly looked around and got some Harry and David’s popcorn as a “thanks for babysitting” for Brian’s mom.

As we ate at Red Lobster, the mood lightened. But heading towards home on the 1 hour drive, Brian got bawled out by a truck driver in this weird Yield area of the freeway under construction. The truck driver literally went off, “WHAT ARE YOU DOING? DON’T YOU KNOW YOU HAVE TO GO RIGHT HERE! DON’T YOU KNOW WHAT YOUR DOING?!?! And so on…

Yet we pressed on celebrating the day. We went to go to Batman, with Kyli in tow this time. The theatre we ALWAYS go to - kids or no kids – tells us that we CANNOT take any children below the age of 6 to a PG 13 movie.

I said incredulously, “SHE’S…..a …newborn?!?!?” (as if to say, why the HECK would that apply to her, she is JUST going to sleep through the whole thing.)

Brian was adamant that we go to another theatre. WE felt rejected and continued to see a common thread running through the day seeming to say “You have a problem with rules and guidelines and you will PAY.”

So we saw Batman, which I thought was complex and BRILLIANT. Especially Heath Ledger. He was fantastic. I am staking my bet right now that he wins an oscar – let it be known!

So after picking up the kids and getting to bed, the crowning part of my day was nothing less than............... FOOD POISONING. Apparently the pina colada sauce with our coconut shrimp had been in our hot car to long and as I was eating it in the car on the way home I thought – "maybe it HAS been in here too long. NAW !!!!!!"– I shrugged it off.

And then - up EVERYTHING came – lovely. Brian also had food poisoning.



TamiAbbyKevin said...

I was going to call you to see how your day went. However, since you had food poisening you may not have been able to tell me. What a crazy day!!!

TamiAbbyKevin said...

I was going to call you to see how your day went. However, since you had food poisening you may not have been able to tell me. What a crazy day!!!

The Jones Family said...

awww, what a sad sad day, but what a HAPPY HAPPY and blessed 8 years!!

Palomita said...

I'm so, SO sorry.

It was not as bad as our 10th anniversary this year. We spent our 10th anniversary at the funeral for Ben's 6 month old nephew, who had died of SIDS on Easter. It was terribly sad (and still is). To top it off, we stayed at my Mom's house, and had to sleep in twin beds. All-in-all, not an anniversary that I EVER want to repeat again.

I'm so thankful for you guys, though - how great to be married 8 years!!! And, three beautiful children - what blessings!

Trent and Karen said...

Wow! This entry made my day. It made me feel a little bit better about some bad days I've had lately! At least you'll always remember that anniversary!