Thursday, July 31, 2008


So I have not quite ever felt right about medicating Tyler as much as we do for allergies and asthma. Every day we are pumping him full of medications – steroids with a nebulizer, albuterol when he has symptoms, singulair everyday, occasionally a strong steroid and zyrtec. Our pediatrician even told us that these WILL stunt his growth, but so will not breathing well - a seemingly double edged sword....


So my cousins were telling me about an actual treatment to ELIMATE allergies and I was very curious. Its call NAET – namburdripads allergy elimination technique.

Apparantly what they do is find out EVERYTHING a person is allergic to, not with scratch tests or other inconclusive methods, but by testing the body on anywhere from 40 to 180 different substances and finding out what substance is adversely affecting what organ of the body. Once they find that out, then they have each subsequent visit be about eliminating just ONE of the allergies. So if Tyler is allergic to cats, then they will do a treatment for cats on one visit, and then there is an avoidance period of 25 to 48 hours and the body will not have the allergy to that substance anymore.

The Dr. my cousins went to had severe milk and peanut allegies so severe she went to the hospital several times by even tiny amounts. She found out about this and was treated and now she can have both milk products And peanuts without any adverse reactions. It totally changed the way she lived – no longer in fear of eating everything. So she decided to do this herself and charged minimal amounts because its she feels it is so important.

So..We went to a doctor certified in all the advanced levels of this technique yesterday and he did a 2 hour rundown on Tyler to see what he eats, and all sorts of questions about poo and fun things. He looked at Tyler’s eyes and saw dark circles and said – These dark circles tell me right now that he has food allergies. He had been tested by an allergist, but only on a handful of things – and I have been wondering about that…I have a hunch there are more things than we realize. The Doctor also looked at his tongue, his eyes, felt his hands for temperature, looked for easy bruising, and looked at his skin.

He asked about what he eats. Tyler is a crazy cereal and sweets fanatic. He eats other things too, but he loooooovvvvvees his cereal and cookies, cheese, butter, and bread. No pop, no juice, no candy, much, and he does eat fruit and most things I make, BUT….

The doctor told me point blank that he can see that Tyler has a lot of yeast in his intestines and stomach. The yeast feeds off of sugar and if you have all this sugar in your diet it can cause your immune system to be compromised, especially in leau of the other things going on. So Tyler has to be off ALL Sugar, White flour, Dairy – milk, cheese, butter, condiments during the treatment period. Its going to be difficult, especially during family outings or other things. But the treatments won’t be effective until we get his immune system on track. We also have to do a poo sample to find out what strains of yeast he has in his gut.

So this Saturday we go to do testing on the actual things – he is going to do tests on roughly 80 different things. The dr said we would be lucky to get through 15 per visit. The kids that young get tested through the PARENTS – its pretty cool.

Also, this Doctor has had TONS of success treating AUTISTIC kids, which have lots of candida needs. He also has had great success using NAET with kids with ADD and ADHD.

Its nice to know there is something out there to help these kids without pumping them full of meds every day…and having them need higher and higher doses as the body becomes used to the meds.

The website is to find out who you can go to that does this and to find out about it. I will let you know how it goes!!


Andrea said...

I am very interested in hearing how this treatment goes. Having had Asthma my entire life, as well as working with many, many kids with ADHD and Autism, I'm interested in seeing if this type of thing really does work. I hate to be pessimistic, but I'm a little unsure of it all, just from my experience with these problems. BUT, if it does work I totally want to know more about it. my sis-in-law has MS and they've been doing similar treatments without a lot of good luck! Let me know if it works!

Cami said...

Interesting. I've never heard of eliminating allergies before. Wow.

Palomita said...

Bonnie - so excited to hear about this. I think diet plays a HUGE role in many illness these days. I've been reading a really great book along these lines called "Healing the New Childhood Epidemics: Autism, ADHD, Asthma and Allergies" by Keeneth Bock, M.D. I think that you could probably check it out from the library. It involves a special diet, supplements, that sort of thing. We did one of these special diets with Sam for several years, and it was one of the most effective things we tried to improve Sam's autism. The Dr. who wrote this book seems to find correlation with the causes of all of the illnesses mentioned in the title. Good luck - I'm anxious to hear how the treatment goes!

Oh, and the diet change is REALLY hard at first, but after about 3 weeks, becomes much easier. You can do it!