Sunday, August 03, 2008

And the results are............(NAET ) ALLERGY ELIMINATION testing for Tyler

So watching Tyler get tested yesterday with the NAET allergy testing was FASCINATING!! After removing all items of distraction - no blanket for Tyler, no metal, and no cell phones, Tyler and Brian went towards the back and sat on the special chair. They both laid down.

Brian had to have body contact with Tyler during the testing. So he held onto Tyler's foot. Then he put an ankle band around tyler - like a thick sock material. He has these charged vials of many different allergens. WE got through 76 on the first day - which was REALLY good. He tested Tyler for things we were never have thought of - like cilantro, cinnamon, basil, cashews, pine nuts, etc.

When an allergen was placed against Tyler's skin (with Brian maintaining body contact) Brian had no strength when the doctor pulled his arm from being above his head to all the way down by his side. It was startling. Brian said it was the strangest feeling that he would have no resistance with certain allergens against Tyler's body. To make sure, he would take out the allergen and retest Brian (still holding on to Tyler) and he would have all the strength in the world against the doctor bringing his arm down. He would REput the allergen against Tyler's skin (with Brian maintaining contact with Tyler) and AGAIN, no strength in Brian's arm to resist any longer. It was FASCINATING!!

So here is what kills me - Several months ago went to a typical allergist specialist. Aside from testing the environmental things, he tested Tyler on only 2 foods - milk and peanuts - because he said they were the most common. That allergist specialist found that Tyler had no allergies to these. SO DID THIS DOCTOR - he found also that Tyler had no allergies to any of the dairy or peanuts...........


(said sarcastically) Good thing we went to that "allergist specialist." (who said our only hope was medicating the poor kid for most of his peak growing and formative years).

In terms of what he IS allergic to, here is what we found:

*Vitamin C
*Sugars (even sugars found in fruit)
*Food preservatives
*Food coloring
*Artificial Sweetners


Everyone has asked us - what can he EAT?? Chicken, fish, meat, vegetables, nuts, some dairy (still limited), rice, quinoa, spelt, soy, herbs and spices.

I noticed the circles started going away from under his eyes, until he took the sacrament bread today. Then they came back very fast. It took about 6 hours for the circles to go away from under his eyes after that. I wondered to myself - if THAT is all it took for his body to have a reaction - and basically his whole diet WAS all of his allergies - no WONDER he had several onsets of his asthma!! No wonder I saw his nose running more than it should. No wonder I saw him get tired often. No wonder I would see whininess when he wasn't tired or hungry and the situation shouldn't have merited it. The puzzle pieces are starting to fall into place.

So today, we alerted the nursery that Tyler is allergic to every snack in there. We bring our own for. For our babysitting co-op, we again bring his own snacks and let everyone know. We called all of our family members and let them know. WE have covered our bases.

We will keep posting on our experience with this. I am looking forward to the results. He can get treated for 1 allergen per week - and after the avoidance period of 24 to 48 hours the allergy is eliminated (and it IS covered by insurance - which is awesome). We are fastening our seatbelts for this interesting ride!


Cami said...

Ugh! Good luck with all those allergies. What a fascinating study!

Palomita said...

I'm so happy for you that the avoidance period is so short. We had Sam on a gluten-free, dairy-free diet for three years. It was worth it, but 48 hours seems MUCH better. Let me know how it goes!