Saturday, August 23, 2008

Is it worth it????

So - I ALWAYS seem to spend more on picture than I intend to. THIS TIME - I think I really went overboard. WE did family pictures and I spent *gulp* $250 WITH the coupons and the specials!!! I am trying to convince myself that this is money well spent.





sarah said...

kylie looks adorable. i love her smile :]brooke and tyler looks really cute too

Cami said...

Well, they are really cute! Much better than I ever fare. I think I'm done with those, but I think you got some good ones!

Nicole said...

Very cute! I can't believe you got all your kids to smile at the same time! Anyway, I always spend way too much on pictures, too. I swear that picture salespeople are just as bad as car dealers!

Johanna said...

Of course it's a very good way to spent money. I love your pictures, your kids are so cute. My son it's in love of Brooke, and Tyler it's my favorite one, but my husband Victor it's crazy about Kylianne, he said "I want a baby girl like that" Asi que amigaza tu familia es maravillosa, y tus hijos hermosos, so you need to have more kids, because they are beautiful.

kelsey said...

Definitely worth it! The pictures are adorable!