Wednesday, August 13, 2008


So it is TOTALLY gone. Tyler is not allergic to eggs anymore. The Naet ( allergy elimination thing is AWESOME!! Tyler got treated for 3 allergies at the 1st treatment – because they are all in the same family: Eggs, Down feathers, and Mayonaise. Eggs really ARE in everything too (cookies, breads, crackers, cakes, pastries, noodles, shampoo)

With those items, they tested Tyler for the different antibodies that he had with these substances. One antibody determines an immediate reaction to the allergen, one antibody determines a delayed (1 to 2 hour) reaction, one antibody determines an immediate reaction if too much of that item is ingested, one antibody determines if there are histamine reactions involved, one determines if the allergen makes the body produce too many white blood cells and so on. Depending which antibodies the body creates with the allergen, the body is treated WITH those antibodies. It is so interesting.

So we wondered – why the heck does Tyler have 12 food allergies and 8 or so different environmental/chemical allergies? Well, part of that we found in genetics, but had NO idea.

Brian got tested. He is allergic to many of the same things as Tyler with a few differences:


Vitamin C mix (ascorbic acid, citric acid, etc)





Artifical sugars

Food coloring

Food preservatives

Stomach Acid (his body is rejecting his stomach acid leading to digestion issues)

Caffeine (not the same as Tyler)

Chocolate(not the same as Tyler

Milk and Dairy (not the same as Tyler)

(...and Tyler has a few others Brian doesn’t have)

For Brian these things weren’t totally obvious. He would notice digestion issues after eating many things. But because most of what he was eating was something he has an allergic response too, it just became a way of life. The abnormal was normal for him. He just dealt with feeling not the greatest, feeling fatigued, upset stomach, other digestive (ahem) items.

So we are all happy to have options to get the boys taken care of. We are also happy our insurance pays for this (well, 10 visits per year)

AND It IS a commitment –avoiding that item for 25 hours, massaging the acupressure points (there are 8 in this case) for about 1 hour every night following the treatment. This may inconvenience many people not to do it, or to have to avoid that substance for the avoidance period. But for us it is a small sacrifice to pay for the boys to feel normal. Tyler for his asthma and allergies (no more DAILY nebulizer treatments and adult meds(!), and Brian for his many digestive issues. A big thanks to my cousins for telling me about this!! Thanks Angelle and Ruston!

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Cami said...

WOW! That is pretty amazing. I can't believe it worked. Now he can have cookies!!