Monday, August 25, 2008

Veep-stakes - looking interesting...

So I really didn't think I was going to post about the whole political-sphere since McCain became the presumptive Repub nominee.

Well, I was wrong.

Since Obama picked Biden for VP - who is strong the the national security/foreign policy area (where Obama is extremely weak), the feeling is that McCain likewise should pick someone in his abysmally weak area - the ECONOMY.

I did not realize how high Romney's stock is rising. One of the best predictor's of who wins elections, states, etc. has been

Intrade is basically the stock market for the politcosphere. They are right about 99% of the time. Right now Romney is trading at $65 a share to be the likely VP, whereas the next likely candidate is Tim Pawlenty at about $25 a share. The trend is similar - Romney's stock keeps on rising.

So while I thought I was going to be forced to vote for someone I did NOT believe in, and in whose politics I cared little for to avoid someone in whose politics I despise, I am blissfully mistaken...or so it seems.

While a McCain/Romney ticket has some weaknesses of its own, it will definitely patch up the bitterness toward McCain from many of the conservatives - ME for one.

Fingers are crossed. For some real action check back on intrade throughout the week and see what happens. These people who trade there get the really good inside info.


Brett and Kasia said...

Very very interesting--and I feel the same way as you do, Bonnie. I would feel sooo much better if Romney's name was on that ballot.

Lehikoinens said...

... I have been so obsessed with this election. Agreed. McCain falls far from my political tree. Hopefully he WILL pick Romney, which I think he is, and we can rest a little easier. A ways to go. And I have a feeling it might get UGLY... but I'll be watching it every step of the way!!!!