Tuesday, August 26, 2008

borderline IBS at age TWO???

Well, Tyler’s lab results came back. He was borderline IBD /IBS – irritable bowel disorder/Irritable bowel syndrome….at the age of 2!!!!

How did this happen - well apparently just eating like most kids – lots of cereal, bread, hot dogs, fruit, treats, and some occasional good whole food that I make (we don’t have any sugar in our house – but the kid find lots of ways of getting stuff) was not cutting it for him. Out of the four strains of good bacteria you are supposed to have in your body, TWO of them did not even EXIST in his body. When a good strain is absent from the body, a bad strain takes its place…and the downward spiral perpetuates itself.

So he is on customized probiotics. He does not complain now when we tell him he cannot have something. He understands “that will hurt your tummy” and accepts it.

So far, he has gotten rid of his egg, vitamin C mix (ascorbic acid, citric acid, etc.), yeast, and (hopefully) corn allergies with NAET (www.naet.com). He has more to go.

But here is the absolutely AWESOME part – he has been off ALL of his asthma and allergy meds for 4 weeks WITHOUT ANY SYMPTOMS!! This coming from the kid who would have symptoms every THREE days with the entire GAMUT of all his meds (adult dosage, many of them).

I can’t even express the RELIEF I feel everyday seeing him without any symptoms that were disturbingly common – shortness of breath, wheezing, fever, runny nose, fatigue. And to have those completely disappear is totally amazing…not to mention I have been told he is a TOTALLY different little boy in nursery – much longer attention span, much happier, participates more. This is great news – I feel like he is becoming whole again.

I feel like I have my little Tyler back.


TamiAbbyKevin said...

Hmm, That is very interesting that the nursery leaders say he is different. Sometimes as a parent it is hard to see changes like that, since it may be happening gradually for you and you see hime every day.

Brett and Kasia said...

What a relief for you guys! I hope he feels better and better :D

Cami said...

It's great that he's doing so well! Bummer about the other stuff. That is a lot to deal with. Good luck.

Palomita said...

The great news about kids with "gut problems" is that they DO heal with proper treatment, which you are doing. I'm so happy for you both! I think I'm going to call a specialist in Co. Springs who does NAET testing for Sam and maybe for me, too. Thanks so much for passing on the info!