Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Brookes first day at her NEW school

Brooke was so excited to go to "Mrs. G's" class.

The wrong bus ended up picking her up ONE hour early, so she sat in the office and COLORED for 45 minutes. To her it was all part of the plan. She loved every minute of it and whipped through 18 pictures - most of them horses, of course.
The office called me to let me know of the error and commented to me that she is the most happy and cheerful girl they have ever met.

She LOVED her teacher, which is not surprising. She usually idolizes all her teachers and thinks they are the most brilliant and interesting and beautiful people on the earth.

Brian asked her tonite who her best friends so far are in her class.

She gave a very candid and (for me) kind of a heart wrenching reply:

"I don't have any of those... I will have to make some tomorrow."

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Cami said...

I'm glad she's enjoying it! That's always nice.