Saturday, May 02, 2009


So - short post, but WE CLOSED (after another 4 excructiating hours in the title office with one problem surfacing after another!)

BUT - WE ARE IN! We started painting. Brian's dad is a MASTER PAINTER and he would cut the walls in, while I would cover the walls. We BUSTED IT OUT!!

We got everything painted except the bathrooms.

AND, today everything was moved in. Boxes everywhere. Chaos everywhere. Dust everywhere. Strangers everywhere.

BUT ALSO the exciting unknown - everywhere, possibilities everywhere, new people everywhere, EVEN a different culture (its STILL Chicago - but different parts of Chicago are different culturally)

We won't actually SLEEP in the house until Tuesday night - too FUMEY, too DUSTY...AND I could not get Brooke signed up for school yet, so she has 3 more Days at her old school.

Still I am in Denial, and I get sad if I THINK too much (about what I am leaving behind).


Cami said...

Phewf! I'm glad it all got worked out. Good luck with everything.

kelsey said...

Your house looks great! So smart to do the painting before you actually move in!! Congrats on the new home and surviving through all that drama!

Jenny B said...

Wow, that's a lot of painting but it looks great! Now the fun of unpacking begins...

Trent and Karen said...

Congrats on everything!! I am always so entertained by your blog entries. Love it! I'm glad you guys are finally moved in. We are just starting the hounse hunting process, as we are sick of renting and realized we could qualify for a decent loan. We know we have a long road ahead of us, but we are excited to move into our own house!