Friday, May 08, 2009

TRICKS on getting GOOD DEALS...

So, since we had absolutely NO appliances in our house we had to REALLY be smart about getting our appliances. And, last minute, the free washer and dryer we had lined up FELL THROUGH.

So after LOTS of work I learned a few tricks along the way.

The house actually DID come with a black oven range, but Brian and I both really wanted Stainless Steel appliances. I didn't know if that would work out because I was only budgeting $900 on a fridge, $200 on an over the range microwave, and $100 (after selling the black one on craigs list) on a oven range.

SO pretty tight. I also did TONS of research about IF Stainless Steel WAS the way to go - I read complaint after complaint that FINGERPRINTS are a big problem.

Well, after taking several trips to HOME DEPOT I found a SS steel fridge, oven and microwave that were all pretty good deals and were CLEAN STEEL by GE - which apparently totally cuts down on the fingerprint thing.

*I wrote down the model numbers of all three things.

*I did reviews online - - to see how they rated. They rate them by model #.

*I also typed the model # into google to see who was listing it and for how much

*In my case BEST BUY had the fridge and stove on sale for $150 off. I printed out the sale.

*I brought in the Best Buy sale printouts to HOME DEPOT. They MATCH and take off and additional 10%, which brought BOTH my fridge and oven to exactly my budget.

*I had BEST BUY POINTS which I redeemed into $110 in gift certificates for the microwave. I found it on and printed it out. They don't carry it in the store, but because I had the model number and the sale print out, they ordered it in the store for me - NO ADDITIONAL charge. AND I only ended up paying $98 because of my gift card points.


BUT, we found out today NO washer and dryer.

*I went on Craigs List this morning and replied to about 10 different W & D postings. I called and left messages.

*I scrolled to the bottom and looked at the bottom ones first. Those people are probably more in a hurry to sell because they listing has been there for a week already.

*I offered either $50 or $100 below what they posted for.

*I heard answers back within 30 minutes, asked the appropriate questions, and we got a 2 year old washer and dryer for $375.

ANY amount on the washer and dryer was OVER BUDGET because we were told we could have these ones for free, but not BAD compared to paying over $900 for new.

We have our black oven on craigs list now.

*I typed in the model number and found out what everyone was selling the model for (BRAND NEW) and posted it for $30 less. That will pay for the new oven.

And THATS the RECESSION way to buy appliances!!

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Darcie said...

Nicely done Bonnie!