Saturday, September 22, 2007

My neighbors:

I think its always interesting to find out what kind of neighbors you have. Our street only has 7 houses on it – and our neighbors are so awesome.

Here is a summary of our neighbors in the Chicago Suburbs:

Donna and Nills: Live across the street. They have a Son at home who is a Jr. in high school and is in scouts. Donna is considered the Busy Body of the Street. She keeps tabs on everyone and finds out everything about them. She is very attentive and nice. They have given us many plants to plant in our yard, and they have one the “Homewood Beautification Award 2005.” They also have a Moose in their front yard as part of their landscaping. That is how everyone finds our house.

Jerry: He lives next door to us – he is a single (divorcee) guy that works nights for Fed Ex. He is in his low 50s and has a grown son. We don’t see him very often, but one day he saw Brian mowing the lawn with a hand push mower and he gave us one of his extras. He is really nice.

Mike and Cindy: They live next door to us on the other side. They are in their late 40s and have no kids. They are EXTREMELY attentive and are always looking out for us. Mike is in construction and Cindy works in an office. When there was a wire on the roof, Mike knocked on our door and let us know how much of a fire hazard that was and to call the electric company. He is currently replacing the blade for free in our lawnmower that Jerry gave us. He just got out of the hospital for having 5 blood clots in his leg and groin. He still insists on fixing our lawn mower, even though he has to be propped up with buckets.

90 year old lady: She is across the street from us and is moving out in a couple days. She is the cutest old lady and she watches us go on walks as she sits outside. She yelled out of her car when we first moved in, “WELCOME TO THE NEIGHBORHOOD!”

Sara and Eric: They live across the street from us caddy corner (house on left side of pic) – they have 2 girls – 8 and 13. Sara knows my father-in-law because she taught school with him; she also grew up with Brian’s sister and knows her. They are renting out their old house 3 streets down to another couple. They REALLY wanted the house they are living in now. She has a jewelry business. He is a computer technician.

75 year old man: He is currently the most social man on the street. He moved into the nicest biggest house on the street 1 year ago (house on right side of pic). He must have had his eye on it awhile. He fixed it up even nicer and is always sitting outside with several neighbors – sometimes they drink beer.

I have to say, they are a great bunch – I have absolutely NO COMPLAINTS. They are fabulous!

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Cami said...

Wow! That's great to have such good nieghbors. My neighbors and I share walls and parking spots, and we have yet to really get to know each other. How sad.