Wednesday, September 05, 2007


Although Brian and I sat this one out, our kids LOVED skinny dipping - or in Brooke's case - SEMI skinny dipping.

And my little man Tyler, we have noticed, has little to no fear. He sincerely feels he is invincible -and apparantly in this picture, he's pretty darn close.Brian and I thought we might try this move next year ....just maybe!

Here is a difference in philosophy on the best way to pick apples:

Brooke: Hold the bucket very nicely, pick the nicest looking ones and place them nicely in the bucket. When finished - proudly hold the bag up for mom and dad to admire and praise.

Tyler: Go to the inside of the apple tree, break off a stick, and whack the apple tree repetively. When exhausted, pick up an apple off the ground and munch away.


Andrea said...

Your little Tyler sounds so cute (and looks cute too). I love the picture of him getting the apples. CUTE!

Cami said...

very nice skinny-dipping pics. I don't feel so bad that Ethan goes out to play in the pool in his undies so much anymore. :)

Darcie said...

What a very lovely little skinny dipper Tyler is. And I really like his apple picking methods. It's good to think outside the box. :)

The Jones Family said...

oh my gosh! that little naked bum in the air was hysterical. He's gonna LOVE that shot later in life...especially when you pull it out in front of his friends. LOL!!

Darcie said...

Hey Bonnie,

Thanks for the hair compliment. So nice of you. Can't wait to rent Castaway. Funny thing, I just watched that show this summer, but I can't hardly remember the gal at the end.

Anyway, in answer to your question, i use whatever shampoo is the best deal at Costco when I go shopping there. Often it is Pantene, sometimes Garnier Fructise. But, I don't think it's the shampoo that helped my hair in that picture . . . the day before I had just dyed my hair. I do it myself, and I absolutely love the brand "Loreal Feria." It's the best! I use the shade "French Roast." Each box of dye comes with a tube of deep conditioner, and it's that conditioner that helped my hair out that day. Anyway, hope that helped you. Too bad Loreal doesn't sell that conditioner seperately!

Brett and Kasia Gustaveson said...

I LOVE that picture of Tyler jumping off the slide. It's a great action shot and it's so cute! Kids have so much fun ;p