Thursday, September 20, 2007


So my ALMOST fail proof method of getting into the Oprah Show worked again. If enough people want to know I will write back “THE SECRET” (inside Oprah watcher joke) of how to do it.

If you are a watcher – we did a double taping during the afternoon today. The issues were both on women’s health by Dr. Northrup – and she was AWESOME. I had already read some of her books and I really love her approach to health. She’s not one of those “Here’s a PX for that – let me know how it goes” - she gets to the root of the problem – she says she most often starts tackling women’s various problems with their nutrition –which I think is brilliant. These are the books they are promoting for the show that they gave us:

I went with my BYU girl pal Cassidy Lundgren, and Cassidy’s fellow Kohl’s employee’s wife Kara (don't you love her hair?!) It was our "ANNUAL BYU alum Oprah Trip." (Terica, we missed you!)

After some parking issues – cute Cassidy running from the Parking Garage after noticing a “No Parking Zone” where her car was parked outside HARPO Studios – we got in the door safely. I never knew anyone could run in heels like that – VERY IMPRESSIVE CASSIDY!

They fed us lunch since we were doing a women’s taping. They felt so bad for the 3 guys in the audience, they game them $200 dollar gift certificate to Allen Brother’s Steak House. See Ladies – you can tell your husband it IS worth it for guys to come to OPRAH!

I submitted one question they ALMOST had me ask – but THANK HEAVENS I did NOT have to ask my question or I would have seriously died. I just wrote the question thinking I would never be called on to ask it. They filled enough seats on the stage before they got my question that I luckily got out of it. PHHHHHEEEEEEWWWWW!

I definitely liked this topic more that “Wives that leave their husband for other women” and “NAMBLA and the sexual Predators” tapings I went to!

If you want to see the shows we were on –one is on October 15th or 16th and the other….they didn’t tell us….but sometime.

This is us making fun of the audience members of Oprah (I guess that would be ourselves.... in this case).


Darcie said...

Bonnie there is nothing in the world you could do to make me more jealous than to announce your 3rd (not 1st, not even 2nd!) trip to the Oprah show. I'm going to go cry in my bed right now.

Life is officially not fair.

Bonnie and Brian Wayne said...

You are hilarious - I invited you to come to the taping "Women who leave their husbands for other women" - and you couldn't travel last minute 1000 + miles of some such nonsense last minute:) You will just HAVE to plan a trip to Chicago during our next BYU alum trip!

Cami said...

Sounds fun! I was actually thinking of you last time I watched Oprah. We'll watch for you! (Jake has been tivoing Oprah lately.)