Saturday, September 15, 2007


Tyler is TWO!

Yes, it is true. I still think of him as a baby too – its funny how your perspective remains the same unless there is a change – or you see a “real” baby.

Well – he of COURSE had everything"CAR." He can barely stand it he is so excited when we go on the highway because there are so many “BIIIIIIIIIIIGGGGG TRUCKS!” and so many “CARS!!!!”

So here is Tyler's RACE CAR CAKE:


We played “PIN THE CAR ON THE ROAD” - Tyler was the only one who did NOT want the blindfold on.

Then, I had a vengeful moment…maybe it’s a little embarrassing….we had given all the kids bubbles to blow as a prize. They were all blowing away in the yard and loving it. I burst out the silly string and I PEGGED each child. There was no playful laughter, no smiles of glee, no looks of wonder or amazement. NO – every single child looked at me with big puppy dog eyes on the verge of tears with looks of hurt in there eyes.

I couldn’t stop myself – I pegged everyone again – on the back, maybe the arm or shoulder. In spite of myself, I was laughing uncontrollably and BOY did it feel GOOD!!! A couple of the kids were crying because they did not understand what I had done, or what this stringy stuff was all over their bodies. I sort of felt like Dr. Leo Marvin in “What about Bob” when he had gone off the deep end. Well, all I can say is I have absolutely NO EXCUSES for myself, other than the fact that is was fun to be a LITTLE out of control.

Presents Tyler got, and I am not sure HOW everyone KNEW (said facetiously)... CARS!!! He also got Dinosaurs and a cute little Cubs hate to “Make Dad proud.”

We tried to sit on our AWESOME new octagon picnic table made by the Amish people – and we really DID TRY. The mosquitos are RAVENOUS here since we got so much rain a couple weeks ago. They go inside at 10:00 am, and come back out at NOON and they do not REST….EVER!!!! They are a driven breed, I tell you. If I think of industrious, I don’t think of a colony of ants, or a hive of bees….NO…. I think of MOSQUITOS in the Midwest. And considering people in our COUNTY have contracted West Nile, it isn’t the prettiest picture in the world.

And, why is it that all parties end in upset or sad children?????? It is one of the many mysteries of life!

Well, I am very happy for Tyler to reach this milestone. His vocabulary is blooming as he is putting together more and more sentences. He is the funniest kid and I LOVE him to pieces. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TYLER!!!!!


Darcie said...

Congrats to Tyler! And Bonnie, you're invited to Caroline's next party, but only if you leave the silly string home.

The Jones Family said...


I think your silly string story was hilarious!!! feel no guilt. those little monsters are just that, little monsters sometimes, so I think it appropriate that you could 'get them back' ;) lol

Cami said...

Wow! That is some serious silly string. I'm doing a pirate party tomorrow, and have yet to even think about the cake. Oh dear.

Katrina Hecker said...

It's so good to hear from you and to see pictures of your family. SO CUTE!! I love that you were on Oprah...that's something that I would LOVE to do. And the spiders---ya I'd probably have moved...I'm so scared. I'm going to add you to my blog and I'd love to see all the fun things that your family is doing.

Brett and Kasia Gustaveson said...

I love Tyler's cake and the silly string of course! That's great!

Brett and Kasia Gustaveson said...

Whoaaa! Hang on. I was looking at the party pictures again and I'm pretty sure I saw Chris Wayne!! I love that guy! I think I saw their red-haired little girl too. How are they?

suzie said...

i love this pic! Way to represent!

Mom said...

Tyler's birthday cake was perfect for him since he is really into cars and trucks. We love it!!!