Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Ok, so I HAVE to do a little blurb about Mitt Romney. I think he is SO fascinating! I always read the latest about what is going on with him and his presidential campaign. I have so much to say…where to start?

A Quote from today’s article from CBN news:

Romney says, "I think it proves that the media has determined who the conservative candidate is, because they're going after me with hammer and tongs. And that's the way you would expect them to go after the conservative candidate. And I'm proud of the fact that the mainstream media isn't wild about my candidacy, and that's why I'm going to win."

So – when you bear that in mind and still realize that Romney just won the CPAC straw poll (one of the BIG ones) and bearing in mind he beat out McCain AND Guiliiani – you can be prepared for the liberal media to become extremely mobile with apprehension!

THEN THERE IS, what else?, how inciteful and creative for the media to bring up the Polygamy issue:

From same article: “Recently, the Associated Press researched Romney's family tree and found his great-grandfather had five wives and his great-great grandfather had 12.

"I'm first to admit that among my ancestors were people who had multiple wives," Romney said. "But I sure don't, and I've been married to my high school sweetheart all my life -- and so has my dad, and before him, his dad. But the mainstream media is going to look as far and wide as they can to go after the candidate who they think is conservative."

My response, “OH BROTHER!” That is such a TIRED old adage to be bringing up what your great and great-great grandfathers did. Maybe they will find that Obama’s Great and great great grandfathers beheaded people during tribal chants in Nigeria! I mean SHEESH – they are trying so hard to pull up dirt they had to look 3 and 4 generations back!

My favorite rebuttal? "Mitt Romney is the only presidential candidate that HASN’T had multiple wives." OUCH!!!!

My last point is the whole “OH MY GOSH – he changed he mind on abortion!” OH NO!- he MUST be a panderer on issues!!” Well, if we think of Kerry who REALLY had a pandering issue, we remember he changed his mind on the Iraq war THREE TIMES in 1 week! My personal feeling was that he adapted to go into Massachusests – one of the bluest states in the nation. He says on that that he had a change of mind when he realized the repercussions of things (i.e. viewing embr yos creating for stem cell research, then destroyed)– AND if you look at his record as Governor you will see the pro-life trend throughout. (I won't even mention that many conservatives -including Bush - have changed their mind on whether they are pro-life or pro-choice.)

Enough said – I could go on awhile. I think he is a very Eloquent Articulate Sound Candidate – he is heavily promoting keeping the family intact, citing stats that when babies are born out of wedlock, 51% -most now single mothers - are likely be below poverty level. He cites that when you add the father in the mix (along the lines of being married first) the number plunges to 7%! Many people after hearing him speak change their mind for the better on him – realizing how compelling and sincere he is. GO MITT!!!

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