Thursday, March 01, 2007

So, the difference between having a REGULAR Aquarium pass and an “ALL-ACCESS” (ooo and ahhhh sound effects) pass to the aquarium is the difference between stale bread and gourmet cake. OH MY GOODNESS! We have this friend in our ward who works there and will leave passes at the door if you give her enough notice.

SO we got to go see the DOLPHINS, WHALES, SEA LIONS and PENGUINS (only for all-access people if you can believe it), WILD REEF – where the gigantic tank with sharks live.

We saw the AQUARIUM 4-D movie (VERY COOL – you wear the lovely glasses and your seats move like crazy, and since it takes place in the “ocean” – you gets squirted with water hear and there, and when you see mice moving at you – you feel crazy puffs of air on your feet. I that it was GREAT!... Since we brought Brooke and it was for her birthday that we went to that 20 min. movie... I felt bad because she was covering her ears the whole time, facing the opposite direction than the screen and kept trying to take her glasses off (they were VERY big for her face). Then near the end she said pleadingly, “Mommy, I want to go home now.”

I guess that’s whey they encourage kids just 5 and up…..

And darn if Brooke is just NOT heavy enough to make the balloon pop – but Mommy was – I had to demo in front of everyone – and it popped JUST FINE for me :)

Brooke LOVED this birthday. She was SO excited. She informed me she wanted “Chocolate Brownies” for her birthday because “they’re her favorite.” Hey – that’s easy for me – I did two recipes and put cookies and cream in the middle – and GIANT ice cream sandwich!

Oh yeah - and we went to Texas Roadhouse where Brian works once a week and Brooke got on the famous Saddle while everyone yelled a "HEE-HAW" for her. She LOVES it there!

AND TYLER? He just loves BUTTER!!!

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Cami said...

That sounds like a fun birthday! My kids would have HATED that movie too. It sounds like too much stimulation for them. But I think they're fun.