Wednesday, March 28, 2007


So Brooke and Tyler and I sent spur of the moment to Jacksonville, where my parents are. It is no small trip - a good al
most 4 hours south - but it was SO liberating to go and just relax. I don't know why I don't do it more often. Brian was working and then had meetings all day even though he missed us - it was all good.

I was lucky enough to solicit the help of my mom and my sister - we are cutting out various pics in magazines to make picture books for Humanitarian Aid. It is the activity for the Primary Quarterly Activities that I am in charge of. And I have to say, it was SO nice to get that off of my plate. Between the three of us - we put in about 12 man power hours - from right after church until midnight! And THANK YOU NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC for having so many pictures to choose from!

I played my dad in ping pong for 1 hour the last night we were there- and we kept evening up games until it was 3 to 3 - and he broke the tie...and then I did....YEAH, it was fun.

And so on Tuesday, Brian and I got our GUITAR HERO in the mail from ebay. And yeah - we have both been perfecting our play station II guitar playing skills. I am NOT a video game person, but I have to say - its a pretty darn fun game!!! My favorite song to play is "Killer Queen."


Cami said...

Man, what is it about this game? My sister's blog this week was about that too! Jake just got a PS3, we'll have to give it a try.

Wayne's World said...

I love Guitar Hero!!! WE are going to have to have some compeitions when I get home!