Tuesday, March 13, 2007

So, Brooke started attending preschool a few weeks ago. She loves it - and its a little sad to think she has entered the school fase, of course. But I have to say, its nice also to give Tyler a little one on one - something he VERY RARELY gets.

This morning was SO nice -its supposed to be a record setting 74 degrees today. So Tyler and I took a nice long walk after I dropped Brooke off. In Chicago I have noticed that its so gross for so long in the winter, that when it was Sunny and 55 degrees here, which it has been the past couple of days - people came out in droves...as if coming out of hibernation. Every child, parents, the elderly - I saw so many frisbees, balls, raquets, bikes - and it was only 55!!! Just think when its 74 today!!! But I tell you what - after the February we had - MAN we deserve all the nice whether we can get! No one deserves to live where the high of the day is -5. And to think, Brian and I wanted to live in Alaska for awhile (a BRIEF faze we went through).
So I have the garden bug - I started all my seeds yesterday. The crazyiest thing I am planting this year: Its called Romanesco. Look it up on www.parkseed.com. Its the craziest looking thing ever - but I LOVE stuff like that. If you are wondering WHAT THE HECK it is -its a relative of cauliflower.The yummiest thing I am planting - Chocolate Mint (herb) - I put it in everything - mousse, shakes, icecream, pudding...YUM!

And one great thing about being a mom - I AM LOVED!!

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Cami said...

very nice. I love surprisingly good weather. Great job on getting to your garden already!!