Sunday, May 11, 2008


Yeah, so basically I can’t eat scrambled eggs again….probably EVER!

One of my favorite snacks is making an egg and putting in cheese and sun dried tomatoes.

Not Anymore.

Yesterday was “Castor Oil Day.” Yep – you guessed it. I scrambled the egg up with the 2 oz of castor oil and then made the egg (by a book’s suggestion I have). It didn’t even taste gross, its just that I mentally KNEW it was in there.

Then I had it later with Mango Passion fruit juice – that was the weirdest glass of juice I EVER had. WHEW!

The contractions were coming on big time. By the time Brian and I had our date night – we went on a LOOOONNNNNGGGG walk – I did not want to talk through the contractions. And during KING KONG the contractions were getting strong. SO we dropped the kids off and went to the hospital.

As I entered TRIAGE I had to squelch up my face and close my eyes during the contractions and squeek out“Yes, its spelled W-A-Y-N-E…no not VONNIE, it Bonnie, with a “B.”

The contractions were 2 ½ to 3 minutes apart. Dialated…to a 3, and only 50% effaced. But to stay in the Alternative Birthing Room (which is my plan) I have to be at a 4. Still much better than a couple days ago – barely a 1 and not at all effaced. So, amidst the crazy contractions, which were pretty strong – we were instructed to walk (jump and stomp)around the huge maternity floor for 1 HOUR…this was at midnight.

I asked if I had to wear the gown – YES – but they would double gown me so they didn’t see any “Butt.” (THANK YOU)

After 1 hour of lots of jumping – (Yes, I felt a little strange jumping around in a hospital gown as we walked by the staff several times...especially DURING a contraction when I had to close my eyes WHILE jumping…trying to help things along) …STILL no change.

We were told to go home and given a prescription (I am NOT kidding here) for S** (its a G rated blog here people). It was actually on a PX pad, and underlined MANY times. Also they said to try and get some rest since we would probably be back sooner than later.

So we got home at 3 AM – EXHAUSTED. Well, at least I know the castor oil gets things rolling…I just can’t bring myself to do it again. The next order from the midwife after the “Px” given, is black cohosh drops. I CAN’T WAIT!


Palomita said...

Okay, Bonnie - you can do this! Keep telling yourself - it's better than unmedicated childbirth on Pitocin! I've tried several of these things to get things going. Call me if you want details. (Some of them are definitely NOT rated G!).

Good luck, and I hope that baby comes soon of it's own accord!

Bonnie and Brian Wayne said...

Mary - you are the FUNNIEST commenter! I kept chuckling to myself for the next 20 minutes after reading your comment!

The Jones Family said...

gosh, you are a brave woman! I was a week overdue with Thatcher but there was NO WAY I was touching the castor oil!!! I did however get on a trampoline and jump, lightly and carefully, to give gravity a some help...but alas, he just came on his own time...

good luck! can't wait to see this little girl and find out her name!

Cami said...

Oh, man. Sorry it didn't work for you! Don't worry about the black cohosh. It won't do what the castor oil did. I took mine with apple juice and baking soda (to make it a little fizzy) and I didn't think it was so bad. Sorry about the eggs. I didn't try it because I wanted to still like eggs.

Good luck getting things going! It will all be over before you know it.