Friday, May 16, 2008

And Still....

I get a cute call from our Compassionate Service leader yesterday, "So, what kind of baby did you have? The boy kind or the girl kind?" "I didn't." "Oh, I thought you did." "Not yet." "Ok, you need anything?" "Since the baby hasn't come AND my mom is here...then no."

I felt worse for her since that has got to be the worst when you are comp service leader.

The midwives gave me a LOVELY sheet of about 20 things to do to induce labor. In fact, at WHOLE FOODS where I was going for some herbal stuff, 2 of the employees were like, "Hey, can I see that sheet?"

We are going down the list:


*Blue AND black cohosh

*Castor oil (which we will do again tommorow)

*ACUPUNTURE - which I have to say was pretty cool - I have gone twice (I actually got some GREAT contractions during my 25 minute sessions. They put needles 3 fingerwidths above the ankle bone,between the webbed part of the thumb and pointer finger, and the tailbone area - with electric stimulation. I didn't hurt at all - but the areas are a little sore afterwards- like muscle soreness)


Eggplant Parmesan (Yes, that WAS on my sheet!)

Mezclan lettuce with Balsamic vinegrette (Suprisingly this was ALSO on my sheet)

Acupressure (same points as acupunture)

Evening Primrose Oil

Bumpy roads (NOT on the sheet, but suggested by MANY people)

Going over Railroad tracks (not on my sheet, but not hard to do around here!)

N***** S***********

Stripping of membranes - twice (Wasn't that bad)

Spicy food (not on the official list)

Fresh Pineapple (shish ka bobs for dinner tonite baby!)

Blessing of Comfort (baby will come in "due time" were the exact words during the blessing....) (not on the list - but MUCH appreciated!) can see we have our bases WELL covered - and for being 2 days overdue I guess thats not too bad to have covered ALL of those.

So is any of it working ? - You could say definitely YES. I was barely a 1 and not effaced- now 50% effaced and dialated to a 3.5 - lots of contractions...just not TRUE labor.

I am beginning to doubt my ability to actually KNOW if its true labor since I have been SO sure about 7 times now, to the hospital once, and baby still in tow.

So for now - I must ignore all the questions, my dad whining to my mom to come back home and telling me to WALK MORE (there is only so long you can WALK AND WALK) and that feeling of waking up in the morning thinking - Ok...still nothing!

Worst case scenario they will break my water on Monday and hope for labor to kick in on its own (which has not happened with my other two kids). Cross your fingers for me!


Palomita said...

Hey, Bonnie - So sorry that you're still here. I had really hoped that you'd had the baby, since you hadn't posted since Sunday.

I have to say, that I've had *great* luck with N***** S********** - when my water broke with Bethany, and I didn't go into labor, that's how we got things going. My midwife had me on the pump at the hospital, 5 min on one side, 5 min rest, 5 min on other side, 5 min rest. We did that for about 2 hours. It wasn't fun, but it sure was better than pitocin. I went from a 4 to a 7, and then, of course, my body kicked in for the rest.

Anyway - good luck! You can do it!

Cami said...

Oh, I am so sorry. i really know how you feel. It's horrible. Good luck, and I hope all those things have helped move things along a little bit!!

Darcie said...

Come on baby girl, hurry up! In the mean time, enjoy that eggplant parmesan to your heart's content. Oh, I had my membrames stripped with Caroline, and two days later she popped right out.