Friday, May 09, 2008

weird moment

So I hear a knock on the door at 3:00 P.M. It was some guy with a memo board in his hand. He looks at me and asks in a business-like way,

"Hi, is your Mom or Dad home?"

I looked at him from my 9 month pregnant body and just stared. I really was caught quite speechless...especially in my CONDITION....

Finally I mustered, "I AM the Mom."

He looks again at me...rather sheepishly I might add... and says very quickly, "I'm sorry, you just look so young."

It was weird, but as he was asking me about our gas bill and what we pay, I actually FELT like a little kid. But more than that I felt like, "OK...did he just TOTALLY miss by extremely large belly...or did he think...well...?"

On the other hand - to be 30 and 9 months pregnant with #3 - in a way I had to take that and SORT of take it as a compliment. I just never expected that comment...being so VERY PREGNANT!


sUmmY said...

i'm just blog-hopping..
but that is one funny story..
and u have such cute kids.. =)

Cami said...

I say that's a GREAT compliment! So much better than going everywhere with your 23 year old sister and no one believe you could possibly be sisters! (Oh man, this JUST keeps happening to me--do I look SO old???? Do they think I'm here MOM?)

Palomita said...

Cami - I can one up that. When I was pregnant with my 3rd, a lady at the library asked me if my kids were my grandbabies. I was looking very fat, and wearing a really loose dress, but I was only 25 at the time! Yikes. It smarted for weeks.

Bonnie, it's much better for them to think that you're young! Ben's mom gets mistaken as his sister or wife a lot. She loves it!

terica said...

Funny! And YOU LOOK AMAZING! I am jealous! You do look young and I would for sure take that as a great compliment!

The Jones Family said...

oh WOW, I just had a gooooood laugh!! what a story! ...and I'd totally take it as a DO look GREAT!

Happy Mother's Day!

Johanna said...

Amigaza you look so young!!! and probably that young man in your door thought that you were a poor teenager, like 14, pregnant...Que envidia!!!!!
Congrats, you look, young, beautiful and slim!!!

The Sorenson Family said...

I think it's a short thing... my friend Cristi (5'1") and I (5' 3") always laugh that that's the one plus about being under 5'5"... we may not have long legs, but we'll forever be mistaken as Young Women age!