Wednesday, May 07, 2008


So, it seems that upon my last checkup, this baby would not come out on her own accord until October or some absurdity.

So, I am going to “fun” route of trying all those things women try to ENCOURAGE some action – Midwife recommended.

Let’s see – Evening Primrose Oil – always fun. I had to tell the pharmacist (because the head manager at Walgreen’s couldn’t find it) in front of a large line of people what it is for and he could help me find it. Excuse me, but REALLY – have they no imagination when a very pregnant women comes looking for a supplement?!? I used the vary vague description of “Prepares the body for labor.” And thought to myself, “Why am I explaining this to a Pharmacist?”

And there are the pulse points – little toe, behind the heel (none of which are withing optimal reaching ability for me at this point) so I chose the one between the thumb and pointer finger – where they web.

Lots of walking….lots of “other” things….

And of course, Tyler has taken to pushing hard on the belly (well, hard for a 2 year old) and making exhaustion sounding exertion noises and telling me, “Mommy, the baby won’t come out. Its TOO HARD!” It was sure nice of him to try though!

In a couple of days if…nothing…sigh…then I guess we’ll do the favorite Castor Oil route. YEAH!


Cami said...

If you want details on how I got mine going, you should email me. Good luck!!! It's not fun to be stuck.

The Jones Family said...

with Thatcher I was a week overdue...I tried EVERYTHING!!!! nothing worked....but good luck!

...and if you find that magic whatever to get things going please let me know!!

Palomita said...

Hi, Bonnie! Good luck with all of your labor-inducing attempts. Just remember - they're all better than pitocin (YUCK!). You're going to do beautifully with your labor - I can't wait to hear all about it!