Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Here are some recent pics of Kylianne.

The kids LOVE LOVE LOVE her.

Brooke says about 50 times a day, “You’re such a cutie little BAAAAAAABY! HIIIIIIIIIII!” When she says “baby” the upward inflection of her voice goes up about 2 ½ octaves – about 2 C’s above middle C – very literally!

She also says, “Cutchie Cutchie COOO!” as she does a rather bizarre imitation of someone tickling the underchin of a baby to her sister.

Tyler says about 20 times a day, “I wanna see KYWEEE! AHHHH!”

So far she only wakes up usually about once a night – but when she wakes up it usually takes me about 45 min at least to make sure she gets a full feeding – it definitely takes discipline!

I have found with this baby, I am enjoying the newborn stage the most I ever have.

I think it helps that I have two kids willing to just jump at the chance to give me a diaper and wipes, or to find a burping cloth or a hat.

Or if I need help keeping Kyli awake, Brooke and Tyler are THRILLED!

Actualy having my mom around for a few days helped immensely.

Also it has helped that its not my FIRST baby with all that anxiety, AND it helps that we are not in the middle of moving – like last time,

AND it helps that I have recovered much quicker this time. I am not 100% yet, but I feel much better when I compare recovery times.

So I feel like I am savoring the cute newborn moments THAT much more. Moments I think I took for granted before waiting for a SMILE or recognition that the baby knows who I am. This time I am just LOVING the sweet innocence that only little newborns have!


Andrea said...

What a cutie! I love that you are enjoying this time. I need to learn how to do that because the newborn stage is really hard for me. Sounds like it helps to have two little assistants!

Cami said...

She is just darling. Things are much the same here at our house. Most of the time I can enjoy that newborn snuggliness, but the baby blues that come along with it interfere quite a bit. It all goes so fast!

The Sorenson Family said...

Oh my... she is so adorable Bonnie! The description of Brooke tickling her new little sis made me laugh out loud! We can't wait to see you guys this summer... it has been so long, keep us updated on your plans.

Jen said...

Congrats!!! I am so excited for you! I found that with #3 I wanted to savor it more and enjoyed that phase more than the others (unfortunately it went by the fastest as well, so really take each moment to enjoy).

Darcie said...

I'm so glad things are going well for you Bonnie! It also gives me hope that I might handle the newborn stage better this time around than last. I was an axiety-freak with Caroline. I hope things continue to go well!

Palomita said...

Babies 3 and 4 were much more enjoyable for me, too. Take every moment you can to enjoy her - I already miss the newborn phase so much, although hearing Sarah laugh and coo is so, so cute. Part of it, too, is that after the first couple, you realize how fast it is. I really enjoyed taking it easy this time, and not worrying so much about the house and the laundry. It was worth it - the housework and laundry are still here, waiting for me!

My 5-year-old, Bethany, does that cootchie coo thing, too. So funny!

I wish I was there to do a photo shoot for you.

Johanna said...

Amigaza!!! que linda hija... Yo quiero una para mí!!. Hey, I found Carla Albornoz, do you remember Alborboz Family, in Arica? well, i found her in facebook, crazy thing hu!!
Kisses for you and your babies.