Wednesday, September 24, 2008


NAET – has it continued to work to eradicate Tyler’s Asthma??????????????

The answer so far is an astounding YES!! I really could not have even imagined it was possible. Tyler was having symptoms every 3 days with 7 different meds – runny nose, water eyes, labored breathing, fever – he was not a happy camper. I was totally a stressed out mom.

So now it is 2 months later and it is NIGHT AND DAY!! Tyler is off ALL of his meds – which is unbelievable. He has no symptoms.

His allergies to wheat, yeast, gluten, eggs, sugars, some compenents of Vitamin C, and corn are all totally gone. He can have those just fine and he no longer shows any allergic reactions.

This has totally changed the way we live. In fact last week we went apple picking at a cute little orchard. Normally I would have had to find a sitter for Tyler because his asthma would normally TOTALLY flare up in that kind of environment. Now his immune system is so much stronger after finding and eliminating just SOME of his allergies – and we had absolutely no problems. Not even a fever – which was usually how it would start.

So on a weird side note, at the dr.s office, I saw a picture of Will Smith autographed “Thanks for putting me back together again” - I was dying of curiosity so I asked if Will Smith was really his patient. After he said yes – I asked if he went for NAET. He said yes and some other issues. I asked what his allergies and issues were. And, of course, he didn’t tell me, DARN IT!

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riggs family said...

hi, my name is lisa. I'm a friend of Tami's I met you in Albuquerque. What is NAET? My son has Allergies that we haven't put our finger all the way on, and I would love more info. My email is or my blog is
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