Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Building A HOUSE....

So we have been on an emotional roller coaster ride the past week.

We had been feeling for an unknown reason that we needed to move soon. I have not wanted to because I really do love it here. I have lived in this town many different times in my life and its a part of me.

I have family here - my in laws are here - Brian's parents. They are the BEST In Laws imaginable. We walk there about once a week.

My sister Tami and her husband are here - well within a 20 minute drive.

Brian's brother Chris and his wife Kami are a few blocks west inside our subdivision.

We all go to the same ward.

I love "the girls" in the ward. We are all tight.

I love love love my neighbors;

I teach classes here;

The schools are in the top 1% of the nation, the Park District is #1 in the nation....

So why the heck would we move?!?!?!?!? We MUST be crazy!!!!!

The answer is I don't know - but we found an opportunity we couldn't pass up that pushed us to seal the deal, so to speak.

A home builder about an hour west of here in a smaller town - an ex-burb if you will - MAJORLY plummeted their prices in 1 week (60K) because September is the end of their fiscal year. To show they bank and stockholders etc that they were meeting their needed volume they flushed prices to rock bottom so they weren't making money on the sale - but they DID move volume.

Here is the house: When you get there - click on "B" - or just look at the picture I posted.

Since we purchased the house 4 days ago - they already re raised the prices 20K. It should go back up 3X that amount by October where their new fiscal year begins. That coupled with other events, AND interest rates going down below 5.75% (and our builder buys 2 points to be .5 below that) - we JUST couldn't pass it up.

I sound like I am trying to convince myself. We really LOVE it here now. We have fixed up our house with the help of Brian's dad - who knows everything about everything about fixing up houses - so that I just think its so cute and quaint.(BUT having 3 kids in a small bedroom does help make the decision slightly easier).

AND, there is a catch - we have to sell our house. We have 7 1/2 months - given the market - I think we will need ALL of it. We can even push it to 8 months if we need to. We have luncheons scheduled, ads, and we have the option to put a tenant worst case scenario which our realator will find as part of our contract. What if we sell too early??? Brian's parents have kindly offered for us to live with them - again!

Our ward will be so mad at us - Brian and I are both presidents of two different auxiliaries - and believe me there is a reason for that. Our ward is on the brink of branch-hood.

So while I am SOOOOO excited - I also have MAJOR mixed emotions. I guess part of it is that leap of faith!


Darcie said...

Oh good luck Bonnie. I hope everything works out. It looks like a really cute house!

Aimee said...

Hi Bondage! I'm here, and I'm commenting! :) I've gotten lax lately about commenting, so thanks for the reminder.

I think you should take the plunge. The house looks gorgeous. And I bet it will all work itself out together. GOOD LUCK!!!! :)

Cami said...

Good luck. That is hard. We are looking at a cross-country move in the next year, and it's daunting.

Lehikoinens said...

Congrats! Nothing beats the smell and look of a never-been-lived-in, BRAND NEW HOME! I'm so jealous.

Nicole said...

Ok, so I am from Bonnie's ward. While I hate to see them go, I am so happy for them. Bonnie, I hope everything works out with selling your home. Your new house looks awesome. I just wish we could move along with you!

kelsey said...

That's so exciting! I totally understand about the mixed feelings, but it seems whenever you follow what you feel is right, things always work out! Congrats!