Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Sun dried tomatoes baby!

Since I have this abundant garden of mine, I decided it was time to grow up and create something with the extras instead of dumping my glut on all my neighbors and ward members.

So *GASP* I actually canned enchilada sauce, bruschetta, and beans.

Here is my latest with tomatoes - SUN DRIED TOMATOES.

!) set oven at 195 degrees - slice tomatoes in half and salt - put in for 6 1/2 hours

2) take out of oven, pour boiling water over to rehydrate

3) put in a jar (I use a jar garlic has previously been in) and drizzle with olive oil.



marianne007 said...

You are such the woman, Bonnie. Thanks for the recipe. Now to grow a garden...We get deer through our back yard all the time, so I'm a little hesitant to spend too much time on a garden. But they can't eat everything I plant, right? They sure can't keep up to the plum tree, so maybe tomatoes would be safe enough. I should give it a try next spring. Cute blog. Fun pictures. I was good to see you guys this summer!
-Marianne & Lanny

Palomita said...

Mmmmm... I just wish we were closer - I'd trade some squash for tomatoes! Our tomatoes have not produced as I'd hoped, and we have enough to take care of Ben's salsa needs, but that's about it. Next year, I'm going to plant them in the septic field... :)