Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Is there such a thing as a PERFECT BABY?!?

Some people ask me “Is she always this good?” “Is she always so quiet?” “Does she always nap this well.”

YES – it is apparently possible to have a PERFECT BABY!!!!!

Literally – I could have a few more if they are like this. The girl sleeps 12 hours a night – TOTALLY uninterrupted.

She falls asleep on her own - be it in the crib, car seat, blanket with toys – even in the midst of her siblings very loud version of love.

And what a sweetheart – she smiles so lovingly – at anything and everything!

NOW the whole “be like a child” thing in the scriptures make sense to me....


kelsey said...

I hope Ryan and I are as blessed when our third comes!

Palomita said...

Aren't babies wonderful!!! So happy that she's easy, too.

Cami said...

I hear you.

Jasper and Holly said...

No wonder her middle name is Angel. Very fitting.