Wednesday, September 03, 2008

First day of school


Well - somehow Brooke is in kindergarten. I am more excited than melancholy about the transition. I can't wait til she gets home to ask her if she got a green card ( good job) that day, look in her little lunch box and see what she ate (they have extended day kindergarten) and to see what activities they did.

She always tells me who got the blue card (call your parents) or a yellow card (stop) or as red card (time out). I think its so fun to relive kindergarten.

I am one of those people who loved the first day of school - the colors, the textures, the smell of new notebooks, seeing who is in the class, the new teachers, the new school clothes, the sound of the school bus, the shavings of pencils, the smell of the school desks - I love it all. I guess this is the start of reliving that for the next who knows how many years!

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Jasper and Holly said...

Bonnie, you're so cute. Now that it's been a while since a first day of school, I can look back with fondness on them too. Although, by the end of the year, I'd had it! Opposition in all things I guess!