Thursday, October 16, 2008

The hurricane spews forth TOOTHPASTE!?!

The Hurricanes continues unabounded. Onlookers ask – will this Category 5 ever decrease in intensity??


Cute little guy this morning starts my day out on one of those notes – DIAPER SUPER SATURATED. I curse myself for not potty training the kid yet. PJs wet, bed wet.

No biggie. After getting cute little boy dressed, he refuses to eat what I make for breakfast and wants his own version. Whatever.

Then I happen to catch a glance of a red marker in his hand. That’s nice – I think to myself. He wanted to color. I ask him what he is drawing on. “NOTHING!” which sounds like “NOSSING!” I see BRIGHT RED MARKER STREAKS all over the CARPET – ALL THE WAY DOWN THE HALLWAY. The cute little blessing gets a time out – a VERY EXTENDED time out as I clean up the marker for about 25 minutes.

I come to get him out of the bathroom where he served his time out – knowing I might find something since I had heard some interesting noises.


“MOMMY, I brushed my teeth!!” Oh little hurricane! Toothpaste is on the toilet, the bathtub ledge, on the floor, all over the toothbrush handle, and all over the bathtub boat. We are out of toilet paper, so I suggest he use a Kleenex and help me clean up the mess.

We go to get more toilet paper, diapers, and wipes – which we are totally out of. As I go to strap in the kids in the mini-van, I smell THE NASTY.

OH NO – CAN WE NEVER get out of the house?!?!

I luckily find a stray diaper in one of the diaper bags – SAVED!!!

I then send him out to the car while I lock up the house. I come to the car and while I am strapping him a quick motion catches the corner of my eye. I see water GUSHING out the back of my seat. I understand while Tyler is telling me we need a “newspaper” – to clean up the water bottle that Tyler had opened and then dropped on my seat. Sorry Kyli - we need to borrow that baby blanket!

As we unload the items we bought, I hear....NOTHING.........Something is TERRIBLY WRONG!!! I go to find Tyler quietly unwrapping my sacred freshly bought dark chocolate Ferrero Rochers!! OUT OF THE KITCHEN!! CASTIGADO!!!

UGH!!!! I AM EXHAUSTED and its only 12:30 P.M.!!!!


The Jones Family said...

(chuckling) that was too too funny! but only because it was after the fact AND because it wasn't my little hurricane ;)

oh how we'll miss these 'tender' days when they're all grown up!

Johanna said...

my dear friend i have two boys and there're just like your sweet Tyler. I live in an apartment, 3rd floor, and I have to go so many times a day to downstairs and bring, toys, food, pillows, purse, etc.
You are never bored with one little boy around.