Thursday, October 02, 2008

HURRICANE WAYNE - a one house hurricane

That’s right – we have storm surges over here on the Wayne shores.

Lets call this Hurricane T. Wayne….no, no….Hurricane Tyler W….

Gusts of destruction everywhere I look.

5:00 PM The hurricane wakes from his nap, gets attention from his progenitors

5:05 PM The hurricane dumps out the box of toys all over the living room

5:06 PM The hurricane takes lids off all the markets and paints his toe nails, fingernails, his arm, the tip of his nose, and my personal favorite – his corduroy covered rear end.

5:07 PM Hurricane needs some gulf stream-like nourishment to enhance his power – tries to pour grapenuts into his bowl, somehow missed totally the bowl and grapenuts scatter quickly all over the kitchen and living room floor, all the kitchen chairs, and of course, the table. Can we say WALKING HAZARD – the grapenuts, that is..

5:10 PM Hurricane finds his way into progenitors quarters – gets the computer mouse, and takes out the batteries. His new favorite game. Puts them in his pocket…and he’s OFF!

5:11 PM Hurricane Wayne spews forth much waste – diaper needs to be changed.

5:14 PM Hurricane Wayne plays car by baby sister and accidentally crashes into her – leaving chaos and crying in his wake. Gets a time out.

5:17 Hurricane Wayne goes into room looking for a book, dumps out the ENTIRE 3 shelf books case full of at least 150 books in pursuit. We will never know if he found what he was looking for, the there is a 3 foot storm surge of books in that area of the room.

5:20 Hurricane Wayne decides he wants to watch a show – takes out a large portion of the kids DVDs and VHS (yes, we STILL use those sometimes). Carries around the one he wants and holds it incorrectly – leaving a nice filmy coating all over the DVD.

5:24 After being told NO for a show, Hurricane T. Wayne goes into the family room and dumps out the cars. Who can keep up with this?

5:25 Mom goes to the computer to check something and DARN IT – where are those batteries for the mouse.

5:26 The enraging pursuit begins to find the batteries and STOP THE INSANITY!!!!

If anyone wants to ever know what we moms do in a day – is it really hard to see how just ONE child can be time consuming. Multiply that by the number of kids you have – you can see why we need a brake. We are on RED ALERT status from the moment our beloved hurricanes make landfall from their peaceful slumber!!


Tami H. said...

Love it!
I can picture exactly the path of H Wayne leaving paths of rubble in his wake!! Ha ha.

Cami said...

We have that hurricane too--well, Hurricane Ethan. It moves to the school pretty often, so we get a break.

sarah said...

haha, that was hilarious. and so true. i love it.

The Jones Family said...

Amen!! lol.

Jasper and Holly said...

LOL! I loved this post. I'm sure I have no idea what you're talking about, though. We just get Tsunami waves and earthquakes here. Although, they are just as lethal!