Friday, October 17, 2008



So some people may think this is too personal to share on a blog. Well, if you can’t put what you want to share on a blog, what freedom DO you have?

So I think what happened today was a miracle. Plain and Simple.

Let me say first of all – the housing market SUCKS more than you can ever know unless you have your house up on the market. We have already switched realtor’s after 4 weeks with ZILCH. We have already lowered the price 20K – OUCH!! Now it is lower than we paid – OUCH AGAIN!! So before today – only 1 person had come to look at our house, and the realtor of those people won’t call our realtor for feedback. Like I said – SUCKS!!

The stats are in - for Northern IL you can expect your house to be on the market 10 - 12 months AVERAGE - NO CAN DO!!!!!

So after working my hand and heart to the bones with my calling (can I say that? Oh well) – preparing for the Primary turned Ward Halloween Party, and "doing what we should" type of thing - I felt fully confident that my specific prayer pleading "CONTRACT ON OUR HOUSE BY THE END OF THE MONTH" (seemingly impossible) would be filled. I just had no idea how that heck that would happen.

Do we have a contract – NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But here is what happened:

After taking Kyli for shots, voting early, and doing visiting teaching, I went to the park with the kids. A girl was there with her mom, and her son. She was asking about apartments. I asked, “Are you looking to rent or to buy?” One question led to another and soon we exchanged phone numbers and information.

They have no realtor but were just driving around and after NO LUCK the mom suggested, “Why don’t we go to the park. People always know about stuff at the park.” So there they were waiting for divine intervention, and there was I waiting for the same. She ended the conversation by telling me she thought this was Destiny that she met me. It sounds so HOKEY when I type it. But it was a cool moment.

When do you want to move in? “Nov. 1st” She says. UM – can we say answer to the “CONTRACT BY THE END OF THE MONTH” Prayer? Can we get ANY CLOSER???

She and her husband are living with her parents while they look for a house – can we say “NO CONTINGENCY!!!”

Can we say – SAVING MONEY WITHOUT GOING THROUGH A REALTOR? Let’s put it this way – we were going to have to PAY out of pocket to leave this place – all our equity – SE VA! NO MORE! - that is if we go through a realtor….after having the price butchered.

So they are coming Sunday. Keep fingers crossed. We may walk out of here with a smidgeon left for part of a teensy weensy down payment on the house we’re building (along with money saved by living at our beloved in-laws…again)

SO DO MIRACLES HAPPEN? UM – to ME after no sign of ANY life in the housing market – and to go to GOLDEN CONTACT – YEAH, they do!!!!!! Even amidst economic turnmoil everywhere you look!


Andrea said...

That is awesome! I don't think it's hokey at all...I believe prayers are answered even small ones. I dropped my contact the other day and couldn't find it. I was so upset because I was going out of town to run a marathon and didn't have time to order a new one (they are the hard ones that people don't just keep in stock). Anyway, I was frustrated, uttered a word of prayer--or a plead--and just then I found it in my shoe. I think it was an answer to a prayer, just like I think your post was too!

I'm praying it all works out!!

Cami said...

YAY! I hope things turn out well.

Jasper and Holly said...

SWEET! I cant wait for the final we-just-closed-on-our-house post!

The Jones Family said...

love it! thanks for sharing, I'm Soooo glad you got your miracle!!!!!