Wednesday, October 22, 2008

TOP 10 realities about selling a house with 3 small kids

  1. You learn quickly how far back you have to stuff things under the couch for them not to be seen (in our house – we keep diapers and wipes under the couch for convenience)
  2. You learn that with 3 kids you must literally RUN while cleaning the house to get everything done in time – running shoes and exercise outfit a MUST!
  3. You browse the Weekly Mortgage Analysis like the Weekly Target Ads
  4. You stop making regular dinners because people always want to see the house during dinnertime. Snacks in the car can suffice if they have to.
  5. When the kids get home from school, you put their backpack right in the minivan, along with all the other things that don’t exactly have a PLACE for.
  6. If you run out of time and realize that the kids bedding is soiled, you spray a bunch of febreeze, grit your teeth, make the bed as is, and vow to change it as soon as you get home.
  7. Sweeping outside actually becomes a regular chore
  8. If someone makes an appointment and doesn’t show, after all that effort, you begin thinking of very colorful names to call those people.
  9. After constantly removing Shampoo and soap from sight in the bathroom for showings, you find yourself bathing frequently with soap and shampoo stashed away in a far off closet – and you grit your teeth and bathe soapless and shampooless….or you have with a very wet floor..
  10. If you run out of time to clean and the prospective buyers are on there way, you find that hampers and washers and dryers can hide just about anything.


Cami said...

That sounds like no fun and very entertaining as well. We may be going through that soon. Thanks for letting us know what we're in for!

Lehikoinens said...

I am SO feeling bad for you right now... what a PAIN! Hope you sell it FAST!

kelsey said...

That's funny.... I especially like #10. I'll have to keep that one in mind. I think that tip is helpful even when you're not selling a house!